phpMyAdmin 4.1.0 Alpha 2

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News del 04 Ottobre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
phpMyAdmin 4.1.0 Alpha 2
phpMyAdmin è un´applicazione PHP libera che consente di amministrare in modo semplificato database di MySQL tramite un qualsiasi browser.

Note di rilascio:

Welcome to the first alpha release for phpMyAdmin 4.1.0, containing new features and fixes. (not yet released)
+ rfe #499 On user creation, warn if the user already exists
+ Use indeterminate check all checkbox in server privileges
+ Break server_status.php functions into smaller functions
+ PMA_DBI functions in database_interface.lib.php renamed to be compliant with PEAR standards
+ [interface] Make warning about existing config directory clearer
+ rfe #1414 Allow specifying controlport
+ PMA_DBI functions in database interface libraries renamed to be compliant with PEAR standards
+ rfe #1412 Creating a view from an empty set of results
+ Improved layout on db and table operations pages
+ rfe #1410 Added support for AES_ENCRYPT for blob fields
+ rfe #1423 Clarify option text for icon/text settings
+ [interface] Upgraded CodeMirror to 3.x series
+ rfe #1363 Improved query profiler
+ [interface] rfe #1429 Better suggestion for database name
+ rfe #1433 Support relations with ndbcluster
- bug #3962 Proper escaping of JSON export
+ rfe #1382 Optional ReCAPTCHA support
+ rfe #1434 Improvements to the table browsing navigation bar
+ rfe #1233 and rfe #1283 Improvements to Relation View interface
+ rfe #1397 Use fractional seconds in time, datetime, and timestamp
+ rfe #175 Allow cross-database relations
- [core] Dropped support for PHP 5.2.
+ rfe #487 and rfe #1405 Find and Replacing column wise
+ rfe #1373 Use same create view dialog for editing a view
+ rfe #316 Configurable menus; allow user groups with customized menus per group
- bug #4024 Editing field a record is selected by makes pma load forever
- bug #4035 Query "inline" link disappears when turning off "Explain SQL" option
+ rfe #1385 Hide tables, functions, procedures, events and views in navigation tree
+ rfe #1321 Export view as if it was a table
+ Dropped configuration directive: SQP
+ Dropped configuration directive: MySQLManual*
+ rfe #1041 and bug #2954 Improved support for SSL connections between MySQL and phpMyAdmin
- bug #4056 Language: Vague error message when adding a varchar field
+ [setup] rfe #1452 Use type="password" for server passwords
+ rfe #1451 HTML5 input tag enhancements
- bug #1193 Text field too small when editing a row longer than $cfg[´LimitChars´]
+ Privileges tab for table level
- bug #4068 Headline in operations not readable in IE10
- bug #4000 "Table does not contain unique column" message appears after adding a unique column
+ rfe #1428 add ´new database´ entry to nav tree
+ rfe #1457 Stone Age icon found
+ rfe #1463 Filter tables and databases by regular expression+ Change the proxy variable names in the config to remove the VersionCheck prefi
x from them
+ Added an Error Reporting Component
+ Javascript files are no longer uglified
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