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News del 22 Settembre 02 Autore: Eymerich
pdfFactory è un driver di stampa che permette di creare con assoluta facilità file pdf anche ai non esperti. ChangelogSeptember 19, 2002 - pdfFactory no longer requires a kernel mode printer driver under Windows 2000/XP. The only exception to this is pdfFactory Enterprise Edition clients under Windows 2000/XP connected to a pdfFactory printer driver shared by a Windows NT 4.0 machine. This is a limitation of Windows NT 4.0, not of pdfFactory. - fixed slow logoffs from Windows 2000 Terminal - Server after you've printed to pdfFactory. You will need to update your Windows 2000 Terminal Server to Service Pack 3 (which is available from Microsoft). Alternatively, you can apply Hotfix Q289564 (also available from Microsoft) to your Windows 2000 Terminal Server. - the dialog box focus no longer changes incorrectly when the PDF file is regenerated - Doc Info settings and the "Use security" setting are now saved when you click "Save all settings now" on the Settings tab - fixed some problems with missing bitmaps from PageMaker - fixed a CFpFile error 4 that sometimes happened when printing from FinePrint to pdfFactory - fixed problems imaging gradient fills from WordArtDisponibile in versione standard $49.95 e PRO $99.95 con funzionalità avanzate pdfFactory Win9xME pdfFactory XP NT 2000 pdfFactory PRO Win9xME pdfFactory PRO XP NT 2000
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