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News del 15 Novembre 08 Autore: Gianplugged
openSUSE 11.1 Beta 5

* More 11.1 branding is now in place.
* Upgrade to PackageKit 0.3.9.
* KDE4: NetworkManager and power management Plasmoids now available
* Integration of Smolt finished
* More translations! [3]
* Linux kernel updated to
* KDE 4.1.3
* Xfce 4.4.3
* Many updated packages, including: Amarok, Banshee, Blender, Digikam, Bazaar, Frozen Bubble, The GIMP, LyX, and Wine.

See the Factory News page for changes in the Factory distribution between release announcements. [4] DistroWatch also carries an expanded list of packages being shipped in the Factory distribution.[5] 3.0 is shaping up nicely for 11.1. Petr Mladek has sent in the following new and remaining bugs for

+ OOo does not start in KDE when OpenOffice_org-gnome is installed (bnc#442678)
+ Pyuno components are still not registered
+ Mono integration is not correctly installed
+ Localized strings are not updated from extra sources
+ The user configuration includes symlinks to /usr/share/ooo3 instead of real files. This may be a feature, but it might also cause problems n the future
+ Missing OOo-sdk compat stuff (bnc#428403)
+ Suse-puzzler.xls works only partly; e.h. "Sneaky Peak" or "About"
works but the "Shuffle" does nothing. Also, you can´t move the puzzle pieces with a mouse.

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