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News del 02 Gennaio 04 Autore: Alberto
oDC PlusPlus 5.3
Questo programma è una versione modificata di DC++ che, al pari di BCDC++, presenta delle caratteristiche aggiuntive.Queste le novità della presente release:
  • New features:
    • Added user-defined time string
    • Added notification as flashing tray icon/application taskbar button/child window tab upon arriving pm line or "special" line (defined in Settings->oDC Colors)
    • Added "Search in window..." feature, to search in the current window. Now works in hub window for main chat, private messages and for the file list window (more to probably be added later on)
    • Redesigned the window tabs to not look so old, but a little bit more XP-ish, and also added some hopefully nice-looking menu separators aswell, to result in an overall face-lift of the program
    • Added an improved user copy menu to both the user list in the hub window, and to the search results
    • Marker (») that shows in the progress bar, if the transfer is compressed/safe
    • Added possibility to write any arbitrary text as connection type in the settings dialog. The default values are still there (Cable, DSL, etc)
    • Added possibility to use color chat for private messages. Both for private messages and for hubs, these things are now totally optional (and one doesn't have to close and reopen the window for color settings changes to occur)
    • Fixed the update check so it doesn't crash for some users (due to chunked transfers)
  • Changed behaviour:
    • 2000/XP-users: Changed the behavior of the auto-complete system. Left Shift means reverse-complete, Right Shift means complete Full usernames
    • Developers: stl-port is now totally optional, but still recommended.
    • Removed the multi-hub search support (it only messed up things)
  • Special features:
    • Teach NMDC-users-thingie removed
  • Fixed features:
    • Finally fixed the auto-complete to prioritize chat action
    • Fixed the chat crash-issue for real this time
    • Right-click menu in private message now works to some extent. It fails for the bottom most dozen of lines for some reason, this will be fixed later on
    • Fixed translation issues (now the example.xml provided with each release is a correct (hopefully) english version of the program)
Ulteriori caratteristiche seguendo il link contenuto in Ulteriori informazioni
Il programma utilizza la stessa cartella ove è stato installato DC++! Infatti per installarlo è sofficiente sovrascrivere il file eseguibile di DC++ con quello di oDC++.Data: 01/01/2004
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware GPL

Dimensioni: 2845 Kb

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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