Hypersnap v5.01 Finale

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News del 08 Novembre 02 Autore: Steve3000
Hypersnap v5.01 Finale
Versione finale per questo ottimo e tra i più graditi Screenshoter. Questo software permette quindi di effettuare istantanee del proprio desktop o più in particolare di scegliere tra svariate opzioni come porzioni precise, finestre attive, ecc... ecc... New Features in Version 5 *** Multi-document tabbed user interface, lets you snap and open as many images at once in one HyperSnap-DX frame window, and easily switch between them with tabs at the bottom of the frame window. *** New free-hand capture method, to draw any outline on the screen and capture only what's inside. *** Save (upload) to FTP server feature, working also with automatic timed saving. *** New powerful "Stamps" feature, accessible from "Image" menu and drawing toolbar, allows you to define "stamps" that contain graphics, text or both. Text may contain macros that expand to current date, time, file name etc. at the time of stamp usage. Stamps may be inserted directly on an image, or appended at top or bottom as a header or footer. *** An option to automatically stamp - or add header, footer to - all captured images with pre-defined stamps. *** New "Add drop shadow" and "Add frame" functions on "Image" menu, with an option to auto-add a shadow or frame to all captures. *** New "Blend Selection" slider, allows you to blend a pasted or selected image fragment with underlying bitmap at any opacity level from 0 to 100%. *** Text adding is more powerful now, allowing to mix fonts, colors and styles of text within a single "add text" box. Also you may edit the text after inserting it by double clicking the text, as long as you did not change the underlying bitmap in any other way yet. *** New "Tools" menu where you may add commands to start other programs or open other documents from within HS-DX interface. *** New help in HTML Help format and more "helpful" popup messages after clicking on a user interface item with "What Is?" help cursor. *** Many more small improvements.Versione: 5.01 Dimensione: 2.83 MB Licenza: Shareware Compatibilità: Win 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
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