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Disponibili ufficialmente anche dalle pagine web nVidia i detonator 45.23 certificati Microsoft.nVidia Detonator 45.23 internazionali WHQL Windows 2000/XP 18.9 MB nVidia detonator 45.23 internazionali WHQL Windows 95/98/ME 18.5 MBIssues Resolved in Version 45.23 Significant issues resolved in driver version 45.23 are listed below: • The display exhibits corruption in the Unigraphics in drafting application. • Continued model rotation results in increased memory usage in Unigraphics 18.05.2 and NX 1.02.3. • I-deas 10 crashes in the process nbb.exe after a large virtual memory allocation. • Running “The Sims 2” creates a blue-screen crash. • Think3 requests Control Panel enables “use block transfer” option for OpenGL buffer flipping mode. • CATIA certification issue: Problem with display list compilation causes incomplete visualization. • A dragon model is missing from the Dragothic test in 3D Mark 2001 SE. • The “Add OpenGL” tab shows a “Stereo DIN pin” option that is not available. • Character truncated in NVIDIA Properties “Direct3D” tab under Windows XP Japanese. • In Windows XP Portuguese (Brazilian), there are localization errors on the main NVIDIA Properties tab. • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City exhibits significant corruption after a couple of minutes of play. • The walls in Splinter Cell have anomalous textures. • Quake II flashes on GeForce 256 systems. • Switching output devices on a desktop that has been rotated resets the resolution to 640x480 from 1024x768. • “Command & Conquer: Generals” shows corruption during scene-to-scene transitions in story mode. • When 3D Mark 2003 is set to 2/4 sample antialiasing, its demo mode introduction is not rendered properly and it pauses between demos. • Playback of AVI in full-screen mode tears on a T221 monitor. • Digital flat panels go out of sync or blank when the Screen Adjustment scaling is changed. NVI D I A C o r p o r a t i o n 6 Re l e a s e 4 0 V e r s i o n 4 5 . 2 3 • A Quadro4 980 XGL system hangs or stops when running a PTC Pro/ ENGINEER Wildfire script. • On a Quadro NVS 400 running Windows NT® 4.0, all monitors go black for 1-2 seconds during logon. • On a Quadro NVS 400 running Windows NT 4.0, the monitor ordering has changed from 1234 to 1324. • The water in Splinter Cell is not rendered correctly on GeForce FX 5xxx systems. • The nView™ Menu Options choice is not available from the title bar with Exceed 7.1 or 8.0. • NVKeystone™ can take two minutes to start under Windows XP. • EDS I-deas Master Series 7 does not start on a Quadro4 980XGL because of an application error. • Black screen displayed when Rally Sport Challenge launched under Windows ME. • Flash of corruption seen if 3D screen saver previewed when 2X or NVIDIA Quincunx™ antialiasing is set. • Direct3D applications exhibit flickering lines of corruption when antialiasing is set to 2x or Quincunx in 16-bit modes. • A Macrovision error occurs when DVD movies are played using the 41.09 drivers. • In Windows XP Chinese, a DMCPL.EXE error occurs when one of two Overlay Controls windows is closed. • Logging on as nonAdministrator causes NVcpl.dll loading error: “One or more arguments are invalid.”
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