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News del 29 Dicembre 02 Autore: Alberto
mp3Trim 1.85b1
Un aggioramento per questo piccolo editor di file mp3, ancora in versione beta e quindi potenzialmente instabile.Queste le novità: 1. Added a check for tracks that end abruptly. See in the main window, below the file name, for the "normal" or "abrupt" ending indicator. This way, you can easily spot incomplete MP3s. 2. Improved the silence detection in "very aggressive" mode. Low-level noise (at the end of the track only) is now interpreted as silence, so it can be trimmed. That should help for MP3s made from tape, where the silence areas are a little noisy. 3. Added the ability to re-create cue files (a cue file is useful when a big MP3 contains multiple tracks, it indicates the position of each track within the big MP3). To use the cue file re-creator, load an mp3 and hit ctrl-G. mp3Trim finds the areas of relative silence and creates the cue file. mp3Trim can then read back the cue file and extract each track into an individual MP3 (ctrl-U key). CUE file creation is still experimental right now. 4. Added an option so that MPEG2/mp3PRO files can be saved without VBR header. This header was confusing some decoders. 5. Changed the way the time is added into the file names when using 'save-as'. Some people were confused by the "2.13" notation (meant 2 minutes and 13 seconds), so now it shows 2m 13s. 6. Changed slightly the fade lengths, should be more consistent across MPEG1/MPEG2 files.Data: 28/12/2002
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OS: Windows 9X/Me/NT/2000/XP

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