mIRC 7.15

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News del 10 Novembre 10 Autore: Gianplugged
mIRC 7.15
mIRC è un popolare client Internet Relay Chat usato da milioni di persone, e migliaia di organizzazioni, per comunicare, condividere, giocare e lavorare con chiunque sulle reti IRC in tutto il mondo.


# Changes:
- Fixed window focus bug when mIRC is restored from a minimized state.
- Changed /ban to allow more channel user modes to use it.
- Changed $mklogfn() to only return a partial path when the "Make folders" option is enabled in the Logging dialog.
- Fixed $sfile() and other file dialogs not returning file extensions if "Hide file extensions" is enabled in Explorer in Windows 7.
- Changed /sockwrite to send data immediately instead of queuing it which should speed up transfers.
- Added scrollbar buttons back to switchbar when many windows are open.
- Changed the way mIRC exits when Windows is shutdown which should prevent lost mirc.ini settings for some users.
- Changed CAP command to not display error message during logon for servers that do not support it.
- Fixed idle color not being reset immediately when using /msg command.
- Fixed hadd/hinc/hdec -cuNz bugs, should now work like set/inc/dec.

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware

Dimensioni: 1.98 MB

OS: Windows

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