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News del 04 Febbraio 02 Autore: Rostor
Rilasciata l'ultima versione di mIRC !
Il programma si commenta da solo, ma ecco alcune novità :

  • The max cps fserve option now allows a dcc send to use up the full max cps if no other dccs are using the bandwidth.

  • You can now create a second editbox on channel windows, via the channel window system menu, the right-click menu in the editbox, or the Alt+Q shortcut.

  • mIRC will no longer rejoin an open channel window if you disconnect and then connect to a different network.

  • Added WMA/OGG support to sounds dialog, /splay and /sound commands, and added several new new identifiers to support it. (Note: these new identifiers replace several old ones that are still supported -for now- but no longer documented.)

  • Added 'Trusted Users' list to DCC Auto-get options dialog.

  • Firewall support can now be enabled separately for server and dcc connections.

  • When running under XP, mIRC now uses your XP theme for dialogs, buttons, etc.

  • mIRC now processes incoming server messages rather strict, ignoring corrupted or malicious lines, and treats ctcp messages that use an invalid format as plain text.

  • Added "Queue own messages" option to flood dialog, applying to your PRIVMSG and NOTICE messages.

  • The connect retry options (including a new retry delay option) in the File/Options/Connect/Options dialog now have their own button.

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