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News del 22 Luglio 05 Autore: Vlad
Nuova versione di quest'ottimo front-end per i tool di masterizzazione in Linux (cdrecord,cdrdao,cdparanoia).What's new
  • After for example copying a CD when the dialog comes up again keep the last settings.
  • Default to incremental sequential writing mode when copying a DVD to a DVD-R.
  • Fixed a crash when the DVD copy dialog is reused.
  • Fixed inline editing in the audio CD view (without bigger changes this only works with a rather strange selection mode.)
  • Show the configured splash screen image instead of the default.
  • Fixed eMovix 0.9 default settings handling.
  • Import session: disable RockRidge if the previous session does not contain RR extensions. This fixes the problem with strange filenames if the new session is mounted via RR.
  • Fixed the --cdimage parameter.
  • Changed max copies from 99 to 999.
  • Improved session import dialog.
  • Properly default to DVD size in Video DVD project.
  • Fixed automatic multisession handling for DVD+RW media.
  • Fixed handbook installation.
  • Fixed HAL backend: devices are properly removed now.
  • Ignore K3b Themes that do not follow the new filename scheme. 2 Luglio 2005
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