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News del 29 Marzo 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
k3b 0.11.9
Nuova versione di quest'ottimo front-end per i tool di masterizzazione in Linux (cdrecord,cdrdao,cdparanoia). Cambi dalla 0.11.7:0.11.8K3b now searches for the Debian cdrecord wrapper script and properly selects the cdrecord version to use (cdrecord.mmap or cdrecord.shm) based on the kernel version. This should fix all problems with K3bSetup on Debian. Fixed writing speed parsing with dvd-patched cdrecord versions. Add leading zero to tracknumber meta data field when encoding audio tracks. Fixed data project size calculation if files from different devices have the same inode number. It is now possible to enter hexadecimal values in the boot image load segment fields. Fixed external program encoder plugin (this includes lame and flac encoding). 0.11.9For those of you who want to know more: In K3b 0.11.8 I only used 16 bit of the inode number instead of the whole 32 (or whatever the number is depending on the architecture). That means a K3b data project in 0.11.8 is only able to distinguish between 65536 different files... Well, that's fixed now.
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Licenza: GPL

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OS: Linux

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