k3b 0.11.7

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News del 22 Marzo 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
k3b 0.11.7
Nuova versione di quest'ottimo front-end per i tool di masterizzazione in Linux (cdrecord,cdrdao,cdparanoia). Cambi dalla 0.11.6:Check size of returned CD-TEXT data to be a multiple of the pack length. This should fix problems with CD copy. Audio Project: Do not overwrite CD-Text values loaded from the project file with the ones detected. Added --copydvd command line parameter. Do only read MCN and ISRCs when copying an audio CD since scanning them takes a very long time (especially Audio ripping). Fixed cdrdao 1.1.8 version handling (no ATAPI warnings anymore). Fixed crash when using the Audiometadatarenamer on Movix Projects. Automatically enable UDF extensions in case the project contains files bigger then 2 gb. Fixed compile problems with Linux 2.6.x headers. Be aware that this fix is not more than a little hack of the KDE build system which I ONLY did to this version. That means that it is not fixed in cvs!.
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OS: Linux

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