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News del 24 Gennaio 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Nuova versione di quest'ottimo front-end per i tool di masterizzazione in Linux (cdrecord,cdrdao,cdparanoia). Cambi dalla 0.10.3: * K3b has a new look created by Everaldo, the crystal man. But the original look from Ayo is still there and may be choosen in the new thememanager. Yes, that's true, K3b has a simple thememanager. ;) * Thanks to Carsten Niehaus we now have a simple K3b Handbook. * Completely reimplemented CD Copy featuring Multisession and Enhanced Audio CD Copy, CD-Text directly or via Cddb and no use of cdrdao which caused so much trouble in the past. * VideoCD ripping which allows you to rip the MPEG videos to harddisk. * New CD image writing dialog which replaced the dialogs for ISO9660 image writing and cue/bin image writing. It includes auto detection of the image type and cdrecord clone image support. * Greatly enhanced Audio decoding: o Generic resampling support for all decoder plugins. That means K3b now properly decodes non 44100 Hz files. o Generic support for mono files. o Support for 8bit Wave files. o Thanks to John Steele Scott we now have a FLAC decoding plugin. o Technical info of the audio files is displayed in the audio track properties now. o I even finished a Monkey Audio decoding and encoding plugin. But since the author of the Monkey Audio SDK did not answer to my mails I cannot release it yet. :( * Much better meta tag handling in audio encoding (for example one may now add the album name). * Automatic writing speed selection which always chooses the highest possible speed with the used media. * New option to ignore the speed setting for DVD writing since some writers refuse it. * Enhanced DVD Copy to determine the proper track size. Now even bootable DVDs should be copied properly. * One may now overwrite files from an old session in the data project. * Greatly enhanced data verification without mounting the device. So no problems with supermount anymore. * Joliet-long support: Using 103 chanracter joliet names. * Auto detection of Justlink in addition to Burnfree. * Full kernel 2.6 support (thanks to Ismail (cartman) Dömez) * Added a script which starts the K3bSetup2 KControlCenter module since a lot of users had problems finding it. * A lot of little improvements and fixes.
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