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News del 26 Giugno 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Nuova versione dell'ottimo programma di messaggistica istantanea per Linux, supporta i protocolli:AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, e Zephyr.E' stato anche rilasciato un port per i sistemi operativi Windows disponibile quiCambi dalla 0.78: New Features: * Display name changes are now shown in the conversation windows. (Robert Mibus) * Get Info on Yahoo! now works for nonenglish profiles. (Ambrose Li) * General "Get Info" improvements on Yahoo! and MSN (Ambrose Li) * Yahoo! Japan support. Click More Options and check Yahoo Japan in the account editor, to use your Yahoo! Japan account * Gtk themes can now theme the Gaim buddy list independently of other things (Stu Tomlinson) * Show timestamps now has a per-conversation option in addition to the global one, bringing it in line with the other conver- sation options (Stu Tomlinson)* Added MSN buddy icons (Felipe Contreras)* Added MSN file transfer (Felipe Contreras)* MSN's idle state now actually sets a buddy idle * Buddy pounce defaults are now more sane, and apply to the state the buddy is currently in. For example, if the buddy is idle, set "Return from idle" by default. The last action(s) used are the defaults for the next pounce* Yahoo buddy icon support* Selected buddy icons will automatically convert to the appropriate format for the protocol. (GTK 2.2 and higher only) * Dragging an image file into the Modify Account dialog will set that as a buddy icon. * Development headers for compiling third-party plugins are now installed. (Stu Tomlinson) * Headers for gaim-remote now reside in gaim/ instead of gaim-include/. * Basic YCHT support, which allows joining Yahoo! Chats when logged in using the web messenger method Bug Fixes: * Fixed Yahoo! authentication problems. (Cerulean Studios) * Non-looping animated icons no longer cause Gaim to freeze * Flashing windows should work again for unix in window managers that support the URGENT hint (Etan Reisner) * Better handling of character sets in RTF for Novell (Mike Stoddard of Novell) * Contact list sync problems in Novell fixed (Mike Stoddard of Novell) * Fixed a crash in SILC that sometimes happened when resolving the buddy list (Pekka Riikonen) * Parallel compiles of the perl plugin should work better (Stu Tomlinson) * The disconnected UI op was called twice on connection errors. Now it is only called once. (Evan Schoenberg) * Dragging into conversation windows works better * Protocol-specific settings for accounts were being removed whenever the account was modified. Now they're only removed when the protocol type changes, as it should be. * Zephyr bug fixes and memory leak plugs (Arun A Tharuvai) * Rewrite of MSN buddylist support, which fixed a known syncronization bug and some others (Felipe Contreras)
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: Open Source / GPL

OS: Linux, WinAll

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