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News del 31 Maggio 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Nuova versione dell'ottimo programma di messaggistica istantanea per Linux, supporta i protocolli:AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, e Zephyr.E' stato anche rilasciato un port per i sistemi operativi Windows disponibile quiCambi dalla 0.77: New Features: * Support for the SILC protocol ( (Pekka Riikonen) * Option to suppress disconnect notification when using the autoreconnect plugin (Christopher (siege) O'Brien) * Added support for dragging buddies from the buddy list into the Add Buddy Pounce dialog * Pounce notification now includes time (Mike Lundy) * The history plugin now shows history for chats in addition to IMs * Menu item to view conversation logs (Tom Samstag) * Conversation and chat sizes automatically saved (Stu Tomlinson) * Added support for Novell privacy settings (Mike Stoddard of Novell) * Added ability to initiate multi-user conferences (chats) in Novell (Mike Stoddard of Novell) * Find and Save buttons on the debug window (Stu Tomlinson) * Plugin Actions menu (Christopher (siege) O'Brien) * Plugins can now add entries to the right-click menu of a group or chat (Stu Tomlinson and Christopher (siege) O'Brien) * Hyperlink colors are now themeable via your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file Bug Fixes: * Compiles again with gcc 2.96 (Ignacio J. Elia) * Gtk2.0 compatibility fixes (Tim Ringenbach) * Many documentation updates (Jonathan Champ, Gary Kramlich, Stu Tomlinson, and Kevin Stange) * Yahoo works on 64 bit machines (Gary Kramlich) * Zephyr works on 64 bit machines (Arun A Tharuvai) * Novell 64bit fixes, better error messages, and buddy list sync fixes (Mike Stoddard of Novell) * Novell protocol works on big endian machines (Novell) * Massive rewrite of MSN support, which should fix a number of issues and make errors easier to interpret (Felipe Contreras) * Fixed a privacy-related bug in MSN that affected blocking/permitting, which was due to case-sensitive string comparisons (Gudmundur Olafsson) * Fixed an MSN HTTP method bug where MSN would queue data indefinitely. (Andrew Wellington) * All known MSN formatting bugs were fixed. * Overly long messages and paging cell phones in MSN no longer cause disconnects (Felipe Contreras) * Several bug fixes for MSN's MSNSLP and MSNObject support (Finlay Dobbie) * ALT-F works correctly in the System Log Viewer (Stu Tomlinson) * New tabs should scroll correctly again (Tim Ringenbach) * Dialogs opened from a conversation window are now closed when the conversation window is closed, preventing a crash (Kevin Stange) * Copy/paste encoding fixes (Joe Marcus Clarke) * IRC disconnect crash fix (Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha) * Ampersands in links should work correctly (Tim Ringenbach) * DirectIM and IM Image support for AIM are greatly improved (Tim Ringenbach) * Gadu-Gadu updates (Andrew Wellington) * Print Gadu-Gadu messages to the debug window instead of the console * Updated and standardized blist signals (Gary Kramlich) * Made the recieve-*-msg signals match the sending ones (Stu Tomlinson) * The idle time for the buddy-idle and buddy-unidle signals should be correct again. Preference Changes: * Added "Conversation placement - By conversation count" * Added a "none" smiley theme to replace the "Show graphical smileys" option * Replace default formatting preferences with a dialog to set a default formatting in a WYSIWYG manner. * Removed "Show logins in window," default to yes * Removed "Send URLs as links," default to yes (in protocols that support HTML) * Removed "Show URLs as links," default to yes * Removed New window height & width and Entry field height for Chats & IMs, sizes are now saved automatically * Removed "Tab-complete nicks" default to yes * Removed "Old-style tab completion", no longer supported * Removed "Sending message removes away status", default to no * Removed "Show numbers in groups", default to yes * Removed "Icons on tabs", default to yes * Removed "Sounds when you log in", default to no * Removed "Seconds before resending autoresponse", default to 600 seconds * Removed "Send autoresponse in active conversations", default to no * Removed "Show people joining in window", default to yes * Removed "Show people leaving in window", default to yes
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