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News del 17 Luglio 03 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Nuova versione dell'ottimo programma di messaggistica istantanea per Linux, supporta i protocolli:AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, e Zephyr.E' stato anche rilasciato un port per i sistemi operativi Windows disponibile quiCambi dalla 0.64: * French translation updated (Eric (Zongo) Boumaour) * Portuguese (Brazilian) translation added (Mauricio de Lemos Rodrigues Collares Neto) * Korean translation updated (Kyung-uk Son) * Japanese translation updated (Junichi Uekawa) * Hebrew translation added (Pavel Bibergal) * Russian translation updated (Dzmitry Chekmarou) * Danish translation updated (Morten Brix Pedersen) * Hungarian translation updated (Zoltan Sutto) * Italian translation updated (Claudio Satriano) * Chinses (Simplified) translation updated (Funda Wang) * Chinese (Traditional) translation updated (Ambrose C. Li) * Massive internal core/ui splitting * New account dialog * Preferences moved to ~/.gaim/prefs.xml * Account information moved to ~/.gaim/accounts.xml * Pounces moved to ~/.gaim/pounces.xml * Added support for the Trepia protocol * Added protocol icons to various drop-down boxes * New Send IM buddy icon merged from Ximian Desktop 2 * Fixed "Sort by Status" crash * Fixed the MSN signon crash * Fixed the MSN add buddy crash * Fixed the MSN empty buddy list bug * Fixed all known MSN chat bugs * Fixed HTTP redirect handling in smiley retrieval. This fixes the problems with some smiley themes. * Chats in MSN can now be initiated by right-clicking a buddy and choosing Initiate Chat. * MSN Alerts and incoming MSN pages no longer pop up several error dialogs * Ability to view iChat "Available" messages for AIM * Stores your buddy icon on the server for AIM * Support for non-ascii characters with Yahoo! Messenger * Focus returns to the input box when you click elsewhere, like it used to * New typing notification icons from Ximian
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open Source / GPL

OS: Linux, WinAll

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