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News del 23 Marzo 03 Autore: Alberto
eMule v.27b
Nuova versione di questo popolare programma per il P2P. Si raccomanda l'attenzione degli utenti meno esperti in quanto la versione è in Beta.Queste le modifiche:
  • Unk: Fixed possible crash with Comment packet.
  • Unk: Recheck unzip size to avoid problems. (emarc)
  • Ornis:Patch to enable folderselection when no C: is on system
  • Ornis:Fixed seek-failures on large files [gabest]
  • Ornis: Added Webserver Control Panel [based on Kuchin], with changed/added:
    • Progressbars with colored part-display!
    • various style changes/corrections
    • datasizes better casted
    • additional preferences: set connectionlimits, sourcesperfile, new connections per 5 seconds, and 2 file settings
    • Two access profiles: Admin(full power) & Guest (only watch)
    • Fixed incompatiliby of control images concerning Opera & old Mozilla
    • Fixed security bug, concerning sessionID creation
    • Add log-message of Logins & Logouts
  • VQB: Eliminated just created ed2k links prompting to add links from clipboard
  • Unk: A previous version or mod seems to have set a clients hash to all 0. eMule now verifies your hash at startup and resets it if required.
  • Unk: UDP only use clients IP for finding the sender.. It now checks for UDP port also to make sure it finds the correct object..
  • Unk: Double update in Known Client List fixed. (JustusJonas)
  • Ornis:Cancel downloads of a category are now prompted first
  • Unk: Disabling queue list bug.
  • Unk: Source Exchange updated to include the users hash to help prevent multiple clients.
  • Unk: Client Details bug.
  • Unk: Fixed a bug that didn't upldate last seen if a client in your queue only used UDP.
  • Unk: Added localization to the Known Client List.
  • Unk: Fixed a bug where a source could get stuck in the Asking state forever.
  • Ornis:Adding same ed2k-file multiple times via weblink was possible when eMule was not running
  • Ornis:You can now enable loggin the verbose-log to disk, without display it in serverwindow
  • Ornis: Fix: Versionstats for the Hybridversion now visible
  • Ornis: Foldercount fixed when sending package SHAREDDIRS
  • Ornis: Fixed: decision about zipping a package was made case sensitive - not anymore
  • Ornis: Download-Tooltip corrected (one info was gone)
  • Orins: Fixed: Sending commands to categories handles "show all unassigned" now
Data: 23/03/2003
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 1100 Kb

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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