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News del 26 Gennaio 04 Autore: Alberto
eMule Plus v1j
Rilasciata una nuova versione di questo client, ma con funzionalità avanzate e modificate rispetto all'originale versione di <a href= target=_blank><font color=red><b>eMule</b></font></a>, clone di eDonkey. <font color=blue size=1> <u>Questo l'elenco delle numerose novità, modifiche e correzioni:</u> FEATURE: added some more actions customizable by shortcut management for Download window [DonGato] FEATURE: added downloading file rename and cleanup box customizable by shortcut management [netwolf] FEATURE: expand/collapse sources by pressing +/- key [netwolf] FEATURE: added a debug message for files before they start to be hashed [DonGato] FEATURE: added keyboard DEL and INS actions to Friends list for easy operation [DonGato] FEATURE: auto priority is now available for completed files using complete sources values [DonGato] FEATURE: display own userhash in log at startup [SyruS] FEATURE: added unique setting on Queue and Known lists to set the autoupdate option (high CPU usage) [DonGato] FEATURE: Rich Edit Log, Serverinfo & Debug log (added color to the logs) [katsyonak] FEATURE: added Keep-Alive option for server connections (from official) [DonGato] FEATURE: Rich Edit IRC/Messages (added copy text to clipboard & save logs as RTF) [katsyonak] CHANGE: statusbar is now erased when log or debuglog are erased [KuSh] CHANGE: some code optimizations [Aw3/KuSh] CHANGE: MD4 calculation optimization [Aw3] CHANGE: caseinsensitive handling of community-sharing [SyruS] CHANGE: added ed2k-link to .txtsrc files so in case of .part.met corruption you know what to search for [netwolf] CHANGE: added Queue Full (QF) to sources information in tooltips [netwolf] CHANGE: update the way Limitless download is enabled in preferences [DonGato] CHANGE: new complete/completing icons [Psy] BUGFIX: fixed string format buffer overflow with status command line argument [KuSh] BUGFIX: category column sorting bug fix [KuSh] BUGFIX: prevent from connect to the same server every time [KuSh] BUGFIX: localization fixes [KuSh] BUGFIX: some problems with InfoListCtrl (File/Source details in Download Window) [Eklmn] BUGFIX: files weren't added to shared files if all blocks recovered by ICH [BavarianSnail] BUGFIX: wrong values in categories because completed files weren't counted [DonGato] BUGFIX: having non existing directories in shareddir.dat inhibits setting drive letter bold [DonGato] BUGFIX: close of chat by button now sets focus on the last tab (for multiple closing) [DonGato] BUGFIX: data transfer after cancel request [Eklmn] BUGFIX: memleak in UDP socket [Eklmn] BUGFIX: fix to limit requests to block borders [BavarianSnail] BUGFIX: fixed command line server link loading (server was removed) [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed cumulative statistics totals for uploads and downloads [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed document filtered search [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed unknown sources due to addition of already known clients [Eklmn/DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed precedence of category selection on WebServer and Search over Auto Cat feature [DonGato] BUGFIX: removed FPU optimizations for non-MMX CPUs because of 100% corruption on downloads [DonGato] BUGFIX: fix for statistics tree update delay not being obeyed [netwolf] BUGFIX: fixed wrong server duration times (current and total) [netwolf] BUGFIX: fixed the packet handling [Eklmn] BUGFIX: added second sort to avoid jumping of non-eMule clients when sources are sorted by QR [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed change of sort by preferences in search list when a search is going on [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed sort for double columns in server list [morevit/DonGato] BUGFIX: corrected tooltip font color [DropF] BUGFIX: corrected SF Ratio on queue list [DonGato] BUGFIX: corrected type switching in InfoList [Eklmn] BUGFIX: fixed Search sorting by size [DonGato] BUGFIX: force update of status categories when files are paused, stopped, resumed or completed [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed queue filtering reseting some values [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed cleanup on File Details when the whole file name is selected [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed A4AF icon showing without file status icons enabled [DonGato] BUGFIX: integer size of transferred bytes in WebServer is too small for files over 2 Gb [BavarianSnail] BUGFIX: WebServer: fixed some Javascript errors when using localizations [DonGato] </font> <font color=blue>Il pacchetto di installazione comprende già la localizzazione in italiano</fon> <img src=https://www.swzone.it/img/download.gif align=absmiddle><a href=http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/emuleplus/eMulePlus-1j.Installer.exe?download target=_blank>Download della versione con INSTALLER</a> <font color=green size=1><b>Data: 26/01/2004</b></font>
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 2208 Kb

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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