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News del 13 Dicembre 03 Autore: Alberto
eMule Plus v1i
Rilasciata una nuova versione di questo client, ma con funzionalità avanzate e modificate rispetto all'originale versione di <a href= target=_blank><font color=red><b>eMule</b></font></a>, clone di eDonkey. <font color=blue size=1> Questo l'elenco delle numerose novità, modifiche e correzioni: FEATURE: added context menu to save IRC/Messages to disk (from official v0.30d) [katsyonak] FEATURE: inactive IRC/Messages window receiving new text becomes highlighted until you select it [katsyonak] FEATURE: added an option to copy comments to clipboard [katsyonak] FEATURE: added Norwegian (Bokmal) Language [True Neo] FEATURE: added auto-complete for search text (search history) (from official v0.30d) [katsyonak] FEATURE: inactive log window receiving new text becomes highlighted until you select it [kuchin] FEATURE: auto-check for new eMule Plus version [kuchin] FEATURE: added smart source filtering [morevit] FEATURE: compression support within client<->server communication [Eklmn] FEATURE: support of extended UDP file search [Eklmn] FEATURE: multiple shortcuts management and customization [DropF] FEATURE: files and sources can be sorted at the same time. sorting prefs provide default only [morevit] FEATURE: source filtering from the file context menu [morevit] FEATURE: new icons for file status and other features in GUI and WebServer [Psy] FEATURE: FPU/MMX/AMD/SSE optimized memset [katsyonak] FEATURE: FPU/MMX/SSE optimized memcpy [katsyonak] FEATURE: automated FakeCheck reports are now shown in search results (from MorphNext) [DropF] FEATURE: FakeCheck preferences configuration (URL, autoupdate, update) [DropF] FEATURE: report Fake or check a file by using right click (from MorphNext) [DropF] FEATURE: columns in the transfer window can be resized to text with a double-click on the column separator [morevit] FEATURE: new File and Client detail dialogs [FoRcHa] FEATURE: preallocate disk space option for files to reserve space and not loose sources during allocation(threaded) [DonGato] FEATURE: Initialize option to recover "erroneous" files without restarting (will not work always) [DonGato] FEATURE: added "Average Speed", "Averaged Time Remaining", "ETA", and "Averaged ETA" columns to DL list [morevit] FEATURE: a new log entry was added for files that have been hashed with a remaining files counter [DonGato] FEATURE: now you can apply filters to upload queue (Banned, Friends and With Credits) [DonGato] FEATURE: merged Known Clients list from official client [DonGato] FEATURE: added a session time clock to the status bar [morevit] FEATURE: added predefined status/media type categories [morevit] FEATURE: added a "Time Waited" column in the download list [morevit] FEATURE: new full file status icons (and a preference to turn it off) [morevit] FEATURE: added an option to display paused files in light colors rather than grey (and a pref) [morevit] FEATURE: GetPartFileStatusID() returns pseudo-status IDs corresponding to GetPartFileStatus() [morevit] FEATURE: visual notification for the file which is set to "download from all A4AF sources (auto)" [DropF] FEATURE: ability to remove shared file comment [kuchin] FEATURE: WebServer: added Reboot PC to the options menu [katsyonak] FEATURE: WebServer: added remaining sort possibilities to all lists + sort direction icons [Purity] FEATURE: WebServer: added eMule+ version check and link menu to main header [Purity] FEATURE: WebServer: added additional FakeCheck column and per file menu to download list [Purity] FEATURE: WebServer: added automated FakeCheck shown in search results [Purity] FEATURE: WebServer: added FakeCheck list update from search tab [Purity] FEATURE: WebServer: added stalled/active filters and pause in action menu [BavarianSnail] FEATURE: WebServer: added eMuleXP skin based on chicane's template [Purity|choroy] FEATURE: WebServer: added stalled filestate to transfer list [Purity] FEATURE: WebServer: added filetype icons to transfer list, shared files list and search results [Purity] CHANGE: rewrite of InfoList (Details) handling [Eklmn] CHANGE: updated IRC code to official v0.30c [katsyonak] CHANGE: improved NNS handling in A4AF [Eklmn] CHANGE: speed improvements on the bar shader (from official v0.30d) [katsyonak] CHANGE: fade-in effect for Splash & About dialogs (Windows 2000 and above only) [katsyonak] CHANGE: "Get first/last chunks for preview" is now working for .divx movies [n@boleo] CHANGE: added Date and Time to Serverlog messages [DonGato] CHANGE: StartNextFile now also takes in account file names (useful for series) [DonGato] CHANGE: Rich Edit control for all logs (from official v0.30d) [katsyonak] CHANGE: free disk space needed is now determined with respect to NTFS compression and/or sparse files [katsyonak] CHANGE: quantized source requests from local server [Eklmn] CHANGE: auto column sizing in the download list now takes source info into account [morevit] CHANGE: sorting client-statistics by popularity (and version) [SyruS] CHANGE: speed optimization in list updating [Eklmn] CHANGE: mobileMule update 0.6b [Purity] CHANGE: updated sockets code to official v0.30d [katsyonak] CHANGE: added 'Other overhead' counters to download and upload statistics [DonGato] CHANGE: updated Chat and IRC with official code (added closable tabs and history) [DonGato] CHANGE: a warning was added when you select to backup .part files [DonGato] CHANGE: now Help buttons on preferences point to the FAQ on our forum [DonGato] CHANGE: removed priority change for filters (not possible as they are views, not categories) [DonGato] CHANGE: now time is shown localized in chat messages [DonGato] CHANGE: updated proxy code to v1.6 (from official v0.30d) [katsyonak] CHANGE: changed .movie file to store other settings and so renamed to .settings [DonGato] CHANGE: added source statistics to the file tooltips [morevit] CHANGE: reinstated the CMuleCtrlItem class in preparation for subclassing [morevit] CHANGE: GetPartFileStatus() now returns "stalled" status for waiting files that have waited more than 7 days [morevit] CHANGE: made "SmartOpen" sticky. Modifier keys now toggle the filter [morevit] CHANGE: files continue to obey "SmartOpen" filter when their state changes [morevit] CHANGE: WebServer: extended filetype recognition for transfer list, shared files list and search results [Purity] CHANGE: WebServer: show failed servers in grey color [Purity] CHANGE: WebServer: some minor template and icon updates [Purity] CHANGE: WebServer: removed priority and category menus for completed files [DonGato] BUGFIX: infinite cancel issue [Eklmn] BUGFIX: possible client collision in FlushBuffer [Eklmn] BUGFIX: type mismatch in webserver [Eklmn & itsonlyme] BUGFIX: update of A4AF sources by removing a file [Eklmn] BUGFIX: crash due to empty (grayed) context menu [Eklmn/kuchin] BUGFIX: percent completed/remaining is more accurate [katsyonak] BUGFIX: fixed a problem with dialog focus when changing dialogs [katsyonak] BUGFIX: deleting folder with exported stats impossible while mule is running [kuchin] BUGFIX: statistics export to HTML [kuchin] BUGFIX: quicksorting of searchresults for webserver [SyruS] BUGFIX: a popup-message prevented closing emule via webserver [SyruS] BUGFIX: fixed a multi-monitor issue with the tooltips [katsyonak] BUGFIX: clients without an IP or hash could be added as friends [katsyonak] BUGFIX: stability improvements in the socket layer [morevit] BUGFIX: various GUI & resources bugfixes [Eklmn] BUGFIX: fixed excessive "Client .... was dropped due to timeout" messages [morevit] BUGFIX: fixed server list sort order when sorted by filename [morevit] BUGFIX: fixed continuous "flashing" as the upload window is updated [morevit] BUGFIX: fixed unable to sort after double-clicking a completed file [morevit] BUGFIX: fixed non-enhanced sort settings not saving in most windows [morevit] BUGFIX: fixed some non localized strings when changing language [DonGato] BUGFIX: stabilized download list sorts with a secondary sort on file/source name [morevit] BUGFIX: when first start without an existing known.met, files to be hashed weren't added [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed errors generated when canceling a file that was auto-paused due to lack of HD space [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed toolbar text disappears after buttons are rearranged [DonGato] BUGFIX: proper resize of toolbar when language is changed [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed focus not set on notifier click [DonGato] BUGFIX: you can set an empty incoming dir for a category (wrong) [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed small bug in language detection code [EC] BUGFIX: fixed missing user names on chat message tabs [DonGato] BUGFIX: multiple opened instances when mass adding links from JS pages [DonGato] BUGFIX: fixed "stalled" check => It doesn't go off until 7 days + 1 hr [morevit] BUGFIX: reinstated the transferring source count => Bad download state detection [morevit] BUGFIX: removed a bad hack in CAsyncSocketExHelperWindow::AddSocket() => Errors on client socket Close() [morevit] BUGFIX: WebServer: minor changes and bugfixes like adding missing files to preload section [Purity] </font> <font color=blue>Il pacchetto di installazione comprende già la localizzazione in italiano</fon> <img src=https://www.swzone.it/img/download.gif align=absmiddle><a href=http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/emuleplus/eMulePlus-1i.Installer.exe?download target=_blank>Download della versione con INSTALLER</a> <font color=green size=1><b>Data: 09/12/2003</b></font>
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 2,14 Mb

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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