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News del 24 Marzo 03 Autore: Alberto
eMule Plus v. 1c
Rilasciata una nuova versione di questo client, ma con funzionalità avanzate e modificate rispetto all'originale versione di <a href= target=_blank><font color=red><b>eMule</b></font></a>, clone di eDonkey. <font color=blue size=1> Queste le novità: <ul> <li>FEATURE: standard MOD_VERSION identification both sent & displayed [Cax2] <li>FEATURE: check if Internet connection is down [kuchin] <li>FEATURE: new full Scheduler (Night Shift replaced) [DonGato] <li>FEATURE: separators supported for Web Services [Sp4rK] <li>FEATURE: remove friends directly using context menu in download, upload and queue lists [reCDVst] <li>FEATURE: added Romanian Language [EC/bymikeRO] <li>CHANGE: hashset request for files < partsize fix by bluecow [reCDVst] <li>CHANGE: implementation of OP_END_OF_DOWNLOAD Hybrid opcode by bluecow [reCDVst] <li>CHANGE: updated the icon for download list estimated credits show [DonGato] <li>CHANGE: web server's port change works without restarting the client [Cax2] <li>CHANGE: rearranged clients stats [Cax2] <li>CHANGE: tray icon now updated only when eMule minimized to tray: less CPU usage & removed resource error [Lord KiRon] <li>CHANGE: 'establish friend slot' removed (not good in current zz upload system) [DonGato] <li>CHANGE: short-order of status column in download list is now Complete-Completing-Downloading-Waiting-Paused-Errors [zz] <li>CHANGE: eMule will now run on higher priority by default, "normal" is still an option but not recommended [Lord KiRon] <li>CHANGE: new Splash Screen design [DrSiRiUs] CHANGE: added completed and last seen complete columns from official client [reCDVst] <li>CHANGE: crash/dump window opens only once, auto-closing application after 1 minute [kuchin] <li>CHANGE: upload and queue list control design caused constant resource leaks, so it was changed to don't have resources leaks anymore [Lord KiRon] <li>BUGFIX: crash on exit (updownclient and client credits) [kuchin] <li>BUGFIX: crash on exit (shared files list) [TwoBottleMod] <li>BUGFIX: 2 Gb Limit by gabest [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: fixed duplicate entries in tempdir.dat [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: while completing, part files are not saved [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: fixed shared files count not updating under certain circumstances [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: fixed eMule doesn't get focus (brought to the front) when clicking on certain windows [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: fixed 0 upload when no files known [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: files forever in 'completing' state [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: problem on exit that could cause corrupted part.met [FoRcHa/Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: no more crashes when adding links [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: fixed a memory leak on global search [Lord KiRon] <li>BUGFIX: hash list access in Partfile is now multithread protected, this should take care of some exit crashes [Lord KiRon] <li>BUGFIX: memory leak fixed on decompressing "bad" ZIP packets (thanks TwoBottleMod for pointing this out) [Lord KiRon] <li>BUGFIX: code optimizations throughout [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: memory usage greatly reduced [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: stats graphs - no more anomalous average readings, more accurate [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: file preview/ask for first/last chunk works as expected [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: minor bugfixes [Sp4rK] <li>BUGFIX: shared subdirectories don't make parent directories bold if they don't exist [moosetea] <li>BUGFIX: CPU usage slightly reduced [Lord KiRon] <li>BUGFIX: message tab isn't updated after connecting to a friend with an initially blank name [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: check if user is already a friend when adding manually [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: no auto-remove of static servers [kuchin] <li>BUGFIX: crash on exit while hashing [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: hid "Help" button in customize toolbar [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: enabled Auto priority for Shared Files when multiple selections [DonGato] <li>BUGFIX: "Reset" button in custom toolbar now working [Lord KiRon] <li>BUGFIX: corrected new line on last line in ed2k link creation [DonGato] <li>BUGFIX: total requests in shared files windows displayed properly [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: crash on exit due to LanCast broadcasting [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: fix for the so-called Twilight Zone bug [obaldin] <li>BUGFIX: upload window sorting saved [obaldin] <li>BUGFIX: friend icon updated immediately [obaldin] BUGFIX: fixed and improved shell menu, now works in win9x [reCDVst] <li>BUGFIX: part files info now saved properly [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: tried to disconnect right after start [JoeyRamone] <li>BUGFIX: couple of small resource leaks fixed [Lord KiRon] <li>BUGFIX: fix for some problems during app shutdown [TwoBottle Mod] <li>BUGFIX: fixed a resource leak in some dialogs [TwoBottle Mod] <li>BUGFIX: fixed a memory leak when some invalid packet is received [TwoBottle Mod] <li>BUGFIX: fixed a memory overrun (that caused sometimes a crash on exit) [Lord KiRon] <li>BUGFIX: updated static servers management (some wrongdoings before) [DonGato] <li>BUGFIX: average file rating corrected for fair/good ratings [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: 'server connection attempt timeout' now works as expected [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: selection problem on messaging preferences solved [DonGato] <li>BUGFIX: 'show all known files' works again [japg2000/netwolf] <li>BUGFIX: existing search tab is closed if the user files are requested again [DonGato] <li>BUGFIX: destination directory setting now working [DonGato] <li>BUGFIX: Comment Dialog ratio retrieved properly (Fair/Good problem) [DonGato] <li>BUGFIX: Night Shift Enable checkbox now localized [DonGato] <li>BUGFIX: plus versions shown correctly in download and in client details [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: prevented synchronization crash if hashing/rehashing introduced in LAN multicast [Lord KiRon] <li>BUGFIX: sorting works correctly for compression column, file priority in queue, and rating in download [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: local file name now used in A4AF clients (both in tooltip & inside brackets) [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: check if temp folder is appearing more than 1 time in tempdir.dat [kuchin] <li>BUGFIX: [exchanged sources] are shown instead of ? (Unknown) [Cax2] <li>BUGFIX: smart lowID feature working again [Cax2] </u> </font> <font color=blue>Il pacchetto di installazione comprende già la localizzazione in italiano</fon> <font color=green size=1><b>Data: 22/03/2003</b></font>
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 1156 Kb

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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