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News del 14 Luglio 03 Autore: SonOfTheStage
eMule 0.29c
Aggiornato il noto clone opensource di eDonkey Differenze dalla 0.29b Bugfixes: Fix, preventing crashes after IRC disconnection little GUI fixes Couple of changes for more stable code and less potential mem leaks Optimized source exchange for clients which are asked for sources for the first time in the current session Fixed minor bug in search query with file extension Fixed bug with previewing of files with spaces in the path [mediterranean] Fixed problem with completing file which was concurrently uploaded. Fixed a bug which caused source to have wrong information and filecomments/names Added some SecureHash security fixes, also SecreHash is now enabled by default Fixed flaw in IPFilter Several small bug fixes and code improvements [Maella, dpr, rayita] Changes: Added tooltip for showing the entire meta data for a search results which was received from the server/client Added sending shared files list to server with more meta tags for more accurat search results according file extension and file type Added sending shared files list to server with ClientIP+Port to get more sources when performing global UDP search requests minor tweaks in the filename cleanup Added more units for specifying min/max filesize in search dialog. (append b[yte],k[byte],m[byte],g[byte] to the numbers to change the units) Fixed bug with compressed source exchange packets length [thx MKThunderStorm] Added LAN-IP and IP-Filter for server IPs and client IPs received during source exchange and received from servers String resources split into language resource DLLs [Elandal] Features: Added Secure-Ident-Statistic (how many successfully and how many failed identificated clients) Added boolean search expressions (OR and NOT operator, 'google' like syntax) Added version column of server software to server listview control The Queueposition (waitingtime) is now also protected by SecureHash (if enabled) File di localizzazione in italiano disponibile qui
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: GPL

Dimensioni: 3,66 Mb

OS: WinAll

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