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News del 04 Febbraio 03 Autore: Alberto
eMule v.26a
Nuova versione di questo popolare servent per la rete del vecchio eDonkey. Queste le novità:
  • Ornis: fixed reset serverlog crash
  • Unk: Fixed security hole. (beef2k)
  • Unk: Created a new algorithm to smooth out the spikeing TCP connections. This will help several things..
  • Spiking CPU & Bandwidth when many sources are added or reasked.
  • Help with conflicts between Source Exchange and UDP file reasks allowing UDP to be used more lowering the need for TCP and overhead.
  • Unk: Irc: Fixed another bug that could cause a crash when you close a channel.
  • Unk: Queue size is now adjustable.. (FYI: Contrary to belief, queue size has NOTHING to do with the amount of bandwidth overhead..)
  • Unk: File buffer size is now adjustable. If you are one of them people that is having problems with the buffer, try lowering it.
  • Unk: Download file priorities are now usable for rechecking sources.
  • Unk: Some clients may be reporting completed file status. Did some changes to hopefully stop this.
  • Unk: Added queue rank of Hybrid eDonkey clients.
  • Unk: Fixed protocol to allow eMule to stay in the Hybrid's queue.
  • Unk: Changing IP shouldn't force you to move to the end of the queue anymore.
  • Unk: Redid sorting of Download list one more time.
  • Unk: Sources with a full queue is now treated the same as "No Needed Parts".. (means: they will be replaced by other sources when you reach source limit)
  • Unk: Fixed a bug that displayed eDonkey & eMule versions incorrectly.
  • Unk: We now detect eDonkey Hybrid Clients and Added Stats in Statistics.
  • Ornis: Filecompletion in seperate thread [Lord KiRon]
  • Ornis: added modified socket reading [by Jordy]
  • Ornis: support for Opcode 0x48 (OP_FILEREQANSNOFILE) of the protocol. [references: DoubleT,eMule+/Tarod]
  • Ornis: used videoplayer is now selectable
  • Unk: Did a complete rewrite with the Update functions in Queue and Upload list to speed things up.
  • Unk: Redid the Overhead meter. (I no longer try to estimate the TCP and UDP headers) Also added some Overhead statistics.
  • Ornis: optimized internal sources-handling, for reduced cpu-load
  • Ornis: various runtime optimization for reduced cpu-load (statstree, tray&maindlg, GUI) [coop. with EseJuani]
  • Ornis: Shared files list now supports more multiselect-commands
  • Ornis: versioncheck at startup (optional) or manually
  • Ornis: full customizable Web Services for files
  • Ozon: Fixed crash when trying to access statusbar before it was created (AddLogLine)
  • Unk: Added protcol to allow you to see what chunks a downloader has of the file. (both clients must use eMule 0.26 or higher)
  • Ornis: indicate files with ratings/comments by an icon in front of the filename (green/red,rating dependend)
  • Ornis: downloadlist: added sources-viewfiltering using modifier keys (see faq or help for usage!) [xrmb+Ese Juani]
  • Unk: IRC:Reconnect crash should be fixed.
  • Unk: Small change to downloadlist..
  • Unk: A client's server is now added with you first connect to him, Now, all client's servers you connect to are added to the server list.
  • Ornis: languages in selectionbox now labeled in local-language [pooz]
  • Ornis: fixed Toolbarbuttons always growing when changing languages [pooz]
Avviso l'utenza meno esperta che questa è una Alpha release, e pertanto è possibile la presenza di bug e malfunzionamenti nel prodotto. Chi si trovasse in difficoltà con questa versione può accedere a questa Pagina ove sono presenti anche versioni più stabili di eMule come ad esempio eMule v0.25b.Data: 04/02/2003
Traduzione: localizzazione italiana presente nel pacchetto di installazione
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