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News del 04 Aprile 03 Autore: Alberto
eDonkey2000 - Overnet v0.47
Una nuova versione per questi due client P2P il primo dei quali versione IBRIDA che permette la connessione sia al Network eDonkey che al Network Overnet.Avvertenze:
  • Attenzione ad alcuni bundles nel setup che tuttavia vengono installati solo con il consenso dell'utente!
  • Il programma scaricato prevede il download dall'Home del produttore di alcuni files necessari per il completamento del setup
Queste le novità:
  • Upload Queue maintenance changed to require less connections
  • Upload Queue saved
  • Fixed problem of getting firewalled status when you are really open.
  • Fixed bug when asking for the multiple files from the same person
  • Fixed problem publishing shared files to the server
  • Drops connections that are idling when max connections reached
  • Sources saved if they are gone and when you pause a file
  • Download view Select all improved
  • Buttons Tooltips were disappearing when you clicked on the buttons
  • More results fixed for servers
  • Some optimizations to reduce CPU
  • Connections listed in status bar
  • Tightened up the different stats distances
  • Server List sorted correctly again (on startup)
  • Got rid of pause in Get Servers dialog
  • Friends Double click views dirs/files
  • Removed "flash" when you view dirs
  • List is stable now (won't "forgot" which folders you had expanded when new results come in, etc)
  • Graph options Max set to ~10,000 mins = 1 week
  • Plugins Multiple plugins now work (sorry guys)
  • Catching crashy plugins and disabling
  • New plugin base classes (ISharedHandler2, ISearchHandler)
  • Transfer, friends Auto resizing double click headers
  • Lingering process bug should be solved
  • UI.xml Will place version comments to help skin writers know what changed from version to version
  • Menus Re-arranged a bunch of menus (PLEASE FIX YOUR UI.XML OR ELSE EVERYTHING WILL BREAK!)
  • Delete now moves files to recycle bin
  • Run re-added to download view
  • Headers Sometimes the arrows would be cut off (ID in Friends list)
  • Search Clicking on tabs fills in the search box with the text
  • Individual tabs now remember their sorting preferences
  • Console echo command will work with multi word things now (for plugin writers)
di eDonkey2000Scarica eDonkey 2000 v.047 di OvernetScarica eDonkey 2000 v.047Data: 03/04/2003
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware (con adware)

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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