doPDF 7.1.336

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News del 16 Maggio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
doPDF 7.1.336

doPDF è un programma gratuito sia per uso personale che per uso commerciale per la conversione di qualsiasi documento nello standard PDF, il quale crea una stampante virtuale che permette di cerare i documenti nel formato Adobe.



  • Freeware - PDF converter free for both commercial and personal use.
  • 64-bit support - can be installed on 64-bit operating systems.
  • No GhostScript - doesn’t require 3rd party programs to do PDF files (like GhostScript). This makes the setup file to be incredibly small compared to other free PDF converters.
  • Customizable resolution - you can choose any resolution from 72 to 2400 dpi.
  • Predefined/custom page sizes - choose a default page size (Letter, Legal, A4, A5, A6, ...) or enter your own custom page size.
  • Searchable PDFs - you can search for text within the created PDF file (and search engines will also index the text from the PDF).
  • Multi-language - choose a language for the user interface from the 20 languages currently supported (credits).
  • Do your part in saving the planet - instead of consuming paper to print your document, why not create a PDF file out of it and spare a couple of planet-saving trees?
  • Barely uses any computer resources - compared to other free PDF converters, doPDF barely uses any memory or CPU resources when doing the actual conversion to PDF.


  • New: Add Hebrew language to user interface
  • Update: Optimized PDF file size for documents with Asian characters
  • Fix: Corrected selection on edit fields on Paper page (when pressing TAB the selection didn´t switch correctly - bug described here
  • Fix: Compatible with Windows 2000 now (didn´t work before)
  • Fix: Corrected font left clipping
  • Fix: Unicode Innosetup - Unicode command line params
  • Fix: Use local time instead of system time for creation date and time
  • Fix: Conversion problem with page orientations in Word documents
  • Fix: 0 byte PDF files created when checking rights, now gets deleted and recreated
  • Fix: Save dialog didn´t show on top of other windows on Windows7 x64 (details here)
  • Fix: Crash on Win7 x64 computers in some situations
  • New: doPDF can now be installed silently (list of parameters supported is in the help file)
  • Fix: Corrected duplicated fonts problem (virtual memory)
  • Fix: Solved a problem when printing images from Adobe Viewer
  • Fix: Registry handle leak


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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 4.25 MB

OS: Windows

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