aTunes 3.0.0

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News del 17 Dicembre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
aTunes 3.0.0
aTunes è un player alternativo al più famoso iTunes di Apple. Supporta molteplici formati tra cui mp3, ogg, wav, wma, flac, mp4, ape, mpc, mac, radio streaming/podcasts.


- Allow truncate playlist when copying to device [ patch by deathgorepain ]
- New options to organize artist view, using artist and / or album artist tag fields [ patch by Laurent Cathala ]
- Removed external pictures support, only pictures exported with application are supported
- Improved performance of Full Screen Mode
- Use dynamic heap size in Windows (5% of free memory for initial heap space, 10% for maximum heap space)
- New action to remove duplicates from play list
- Removed xml serialization of repository as it can cause OutOfMemory with large repositories
- Multiple instances not allowed in Max OS X
- Replaced combo boxes to select navigation and context panels. Use buttons with icons instead
- Removed option to show ticks and labels in progress slider
- UI changes in player controls
- Filter text field separated for play list and navigator
- Improved filters to retrieve albums from (mbid, artist match) Removed filters as preferences
- Optimizations retrieving list of covers of albums in artist panel
- Removed status bar text showing current element being played
- cache simplified to use only one ehcache cache
- Support for tray icons in Mac OS X
- Added player menu with key shortcuts to playback action
- New remote commands to control application from a telnet session [ patch by Radovan ]
- Custom playlist file format to load and save, keeps elements relative to repository so can be shared across different computers with different repository location
- "Create playlist with top tracks" action added to repository navigation view
- Play list selector using buttons or combo box
- Similar Artist Mode [ patch by Laurent Cathala ]
- New argument "simulate-cd" for CD ripper testing purposes
- Added automated error reports
- Repository folders are now managed from preferences window
- Improvements in startup performance (asynchronous load of data)
- Use Kryo as serialization library
- Export action moved to navigator and playlist
- New action to move folders in repository
- Option to enable or disable equalizer, instead of selecting "none"
- Show not available tracks in context panel information
- Automatically remove objects from play lists that are no longer available
- New action to remove common prefixes or suffixes from titles
- Store song ratings in tag
- New option to search for similar artist information in browser
- information cached for one week
- FIX: Use API to obtain loved tracks
- FIX: Detection of radio audio streams blocks playing
- FIX: Start mplayer process with volume argument

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, OS X, Linux

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