aTunes 2.1.0

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News del 02 Ottobre 11 Autore: Gianplugged
aTunes 2.1.0
aTunes è un player alternativo al più famoso iTunes di Apple. Supporta molteplici formati tra cui mp3, ogg, wav, wma, flac, mp4, ape, mpc, mac, radio streaming/podcasts.

Note di rilascio:

From now it’s available to download aTunes 2.1.0.

This new version comes with important fixes and improvements and also with support for Mac OS X.

I want to thank people who help in development of this version: Laurent Cathala, cy6ergnOm, deathgorepain, Jan-Martin Ziem, Johannes Lerch, Michal Pantucek and Dave Badia.


  • New lyric engine: LyrDB (
  • Use close buttons for playlists tabs when using Substance
  • Allow creating patterns for tag edition by double-clicking on available patterns
  • UI: Removed line border from titled borders
  • Use absolute folder name when setting tags from patterns
  • Restore selection after track deletion in playlist [3007538] [ patch by cy6ergnOm ]
  • Song properties dialog improved [3002167] (patch by cy6ergnOm)
  • Preferences reworked and saved immediately [ feature request 2977778 ]
  • Visual improvements
  • Removed multiple view
  • Option to show/hide advanced player controls (karaoke, normalization)
  • Moved navigation views buttons to tool bar instead of tabbed pane
  • Removed play list controls panel
  • Removed play list tabs, used combo box
  • Removed AudioObjectPropertiesPanel
  • Removed toolbar
  • Player controls panel redesigned
  • Plugins disabled by default (use "enable-plugins" argument to enable)
  • Removed icons
  • Improved Full Screen Mode
  • Removed karaoke mode
  • Fetch covers while reading repository and show in progress dialog
  • User can change color of tray player icons
  • Repository saved immediately after a change
  • Play lists saved immediately after a change
  • Option to refresh only one folder from folders view
  • Edit radio name, url and label
  • Include file name and path in filter [3146992]
  • Improvements in columns sort [ patch by deathgorepain ]
  • Drag-N-Drop Improvement [ patch by deathgorepain ]
  • Customizations in look and feel for each OS (Mac OS X)
  • Nimbus look and feel removed as it does not support all features needed (font size?)
  • Return to simple context panel components layout, removing JXTaskPane (not fully look-and-feel compliance)
  • Disable plugin api validation [ patch by Laurent Cathala ]
  • New splash screen
  • Mac OS X notifications using Growl
  • Option to show player controls on top of window
  • Move play list selection after current audio object [ patch by deathgorepain ]
  • New content in context panel shows artist top tracks
  • New window type: navigator (tree and table) at top, playlist at bottom
  • Toggle Favorites without accessing favorites panel [ patch by deathgorepain ]
  • Action to select an album of artist to add to play list [ patch by Laurent Cathala ]
  • Drag and drop similar artists available to play list to add an album [ patch by Laurent Cathala ]
  • Drag artists or play list items to tree to locate in navigator [ patch by Laurent Cathala ]
  • Added option to show case sensitive elements in navigator tree [ patch by Jan-Martin Ziem ]
  • Started migration to use Spring IoC
  • Avoid using java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar

  • FIX: Dialogs opened from preferences dialog use wrong parent [ patch by Laurent Cathala ]
  • FIX: Exception during renaming of file name
  • FIX: Repository refresh never ends in certain situations [3024433]
  • FIX: Selected playlist element not saved when closing application
  • FIX: Hotkeys supported for Windows 64 bits (path by Johannes Lerch)
  • FIX: Changes to fit progress bar completely at bottom of player controls panel
  • FIX: Wrong capitalization for LyricWiki [3020431]
  • FIX: Problems changing Look and Feel / Theme [2998976]
  • FIX: Avoid workarounds to set maximixed state in Linux
  • FIX: Wrong panel ratios when starting app after being maximized [2974062]
  • FIX: Wrong song added as favorite in [3035260]
  • FIX: Music length 0:00 with some MP3 files
  • FIX: SplitPanes size incorrect after restart [3019779]
  • FIX: Skipping songs raises playcount and count in files with length 0 [3061462]
  • FIX: Problem with seek in large files [3151208]
  • FIX: Cancel repository load immediately while loading a folder
  • FIX: Show only file system elements with path in repository selection dialog
  • FIX: Avoid read files in a file system element in repository selection dialog until node is expanded
  • FIX: Song length sometimes not read when using MPlayer engine
  • FIX: Use enter to change playing song in play list (patch by Michal Pantucek) [3159234]
  • FIX: Avoid enter key in filter text field to change current playing song (patch by Michal Pantucek) [3210857]
  • FIX: Some look and feels need to repaint progress bar when showing / hiding ticks
  • FIX: Navigator width is not restored after restarting app and execute action to show navigator
  • FIX: Icon not displayed when installed from .deb package [3138941]
  • FIX: Make window bigger if when showing a component there is not enough space
  • FIX: Avoid crashing app when no player engine available
  • FIX: Detect incorrect proxy configuration and display an error
  • FIX: Rename radio label only applies to one label at a time
  • FIX: Value of "Disc" in tag editor is not saved [3005921]
  • FIX: Avoid ConcurrentModificationException while reading repository
  • FIX: Ctrl-click not working in Mac OS X
  • FIX: MultiFolderSelectionDialog showing files
  • FIX: Problem with ID3v1.0 trying to get internal image
  • FIX: After playing all playlist and playing again, moving to next song doesn´t work
  • FIX: Better control over repository load when repository folders are moved (patch by Dave Badia)
  • FIX: Selecting full screen background fails [3413642]
  • FIX: debug option doesn´t work [3196082]
  • FIX: Toggle favorites executed several times over same collection with repeated elements [3414462]

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

Dimensioni: 31.70 MB

OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

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