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News del 17 Dicembre 03 Autore: Giancarlof
aTuner 1.7.34 è un programma per modificare con facilità i pricipali parametri di tweaking sulla maggioranza delle schede video nVidia e ATI. Prerequisiti per l'utilizzo:
  • Any Card of the GeForce- Quadro or Radeon-Family must be your primary VGA Card. A complete list of all supportet 3D-Hardware will be posted soon here: Link
  • Windows 98, ME, 2000 und XP are supported.
  • Windows 98, ME after fresh Installation of VGA-Drivers: Please read this Posting!
  • Windows 95 and NT 4.0 are not supported.
  • aTuner needs a Detonator-Driver Version 23.11 or above, or Catalyst 3.0 or higher. Original Drivers are preferred, but with most custumized Drivers aTuner should be working fine, too. Officially supported are only regular nVidia Detonators since 23.11 and ATI Catalysts since 3.0.
  • aTuner's Extra Features vary depending by the installed Detonator-Version.
  • aTuner takes advantage of some Features of the Detonator40-Series
  • Please read also the "Known Problems" Section onto this page
Cambiamenti, aggiornamenti:
  • Small changes for Detonator 53.xx
  • Experimental pre-defined profiles for extra-panels (still GeForce-only)
  • Experimental extern profiles (right-click into profile manager)
  • The installer now remembers aTuner's install-directory
  • aTuner now comes with a "real" installer Bugfixes
  • Advanced Systray-Menü: Settings 3D-Options (FSAA and AF) is now possible direct from the systray. You can also load profiles from the aTuner systray context-menu.
  • More Bugfixes
  • Graphic Tray-Menu
  • Solid Deto50-Support now for Windows 98/ME, too
Rilasciata il 9 Dicembre 2003
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: Kb 478

OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

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