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News del 12 Agosto 02 Autore: Fabionapoli
Zoom Player 2.80 Beta 1
A distanza di soli due giorni dall'ultima release, rilasciata la versione 2.81 Beta 1 di questo piccolo ma efficientissimo player multimediale.Queste le novità:
  • Note: You must have Zoom Player v2.71 installed before running this update
  • New Scene Cut Editor (Shift+"T")
  • New Interface ("G" on the keyboard) to GoTo any position within the timeline
  • New Overlay Color Presets (Options->Presets->Overlay Color) allowing you to have up to 10 Custom Overlay Color settings
  • New Toggle (Options->Settings->Toggle) which lets you select where you want Zoom Player to appear
  • New Toggle (Options->Settings->Toggle) allowing Zoom Player to be minimized after play is complete
  • New Toggle (Options->Settings->Toggle) allowing you to select how Zoom Player starts
  • New Toggle (Options->Settings->Toggle) which determines if Zoom Player changes Display mode when a CD or DVD is Auto Played
  • New Setting (Options->Settings->Other) allowing you to have a media image file visible in the video area when no media file is being played
  • New Setting (Options->Manual Filter) allowing you to force the Overlay Mixer to be loaded
  • New DVD AutoAR Value (Options->DVD->AutoAR) allowing you to set the Video Position Preset once Playback is stopped
  • New Value (Options->Values->Playback) allowing you to set the Image Slideshow delay in seconds
  • New Function (Ctrl+"Z") that allows you to Pause Playback at the end of the currently playing file
  • New Function (Alt+"B") that allows you to add a DVD Auto-Loading bookmark at frame zero of the currently playing title
  • New Function (Ctrl+Shift+"0..9") allowing you to apply one of 10 Custom Overlay Color presets
  • The Play List display has been reworked
  • The Play List Editor and Navigator will now show the current path of the highlighted file
  • The Information Dialog ("I" on the keyboard) will now show you the current Width and Height of the video with respect to the current aspect ratio
  • The Screen Capture function (Alt+"F") has been changed to work with more files and not require any special setup
  • The screen saver has been revamped to take a ton more CPU power
  • The Menu customization file now allows you to enter menu values for the System Tray Context Menu
  • The Default System Tray Context Menu has been expanded
  • New "/M" Command Line Parameter
  • New "/RAND:[0=Off/1=On]" Command Line Parameter
  • New "/SORT:[n]" Command Line Parameter
  • New "CopyStretchedBitmap" Skinning function
  • New "CopyTransBitmap" Skinning function, allowing you to copy a bitmap using a Transparency ColorKey
  • New "CopyMaskedBitmap" Skinning function, allowing you to copy an alpha masked bitmap
  • The "VolumeData" Skinning function has been replaced with "VolumeExData"
  • You can now use combinations of Alt/Ctrl/Shift when defining keyboard functions using keyboard files
  • You can now use combinations of Alt/Ctrl/Shift using the message interface
  • The association interface now has values for the XVID and DIVX extensions
  • Zoom Player now contains a 48x48 icon for you XP folks with the big icons
  • The Video Presets Editor has been integrated into the Options dialog and a few small bugs with this dialog as been fixed
  • The Video Blanking Editor has been integrated into the Options dialog
  • Fixed the Overlay Color Control interface so that sliding the mouse up and down with the left button clicked, doesn't change the focus of the active slider
  • The Information dialog should now appear on-top of the main user interface even if stay-on-top is enabled
  • Slightly improved load time
  • Some optimization to the skin drawing and loading code
  • A bit less Windows 95/98/ME resource usage
  • Wrote code to close all open filter property pages when closing a video
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a Background image and ID3 data to remain displayed if a playing audio file would be closed
  • Fixed possible crashes when quitting Zoom Player without first stopping a playing DVD Disc Licenza Freeware Compatibile con Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000 Produttore Infomatrix Dimensioni 444 KB Data dell'aggiornamento 12 Agosto 2002 Per effettuare questo upgrade è necessario aver installato la versione 2.71
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