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News del 19 Ottobre 03 Autore: Giancarlof
ZipZag 1.53 è un "Advanced Archiver"che permette di utilizzare oltre 130 estensioni.Zip, 3ds, 7z, Ace, Arc, Arj, B64, Bfl, Bhx, Bnh, Bnskin, Boo, Bos, Bsz, Btoa, Bz2, Bza, Bzip2, Cab, Cpio, Cpskin, Csc, Csk, Curexscheme, Curxptheme, Czip, Daf, Deb, Dps, Dwz, Dxpack, Dxtheme, Ear, Enc, Fat, Gca, Gro, Grs, Gz, Gza, Gzip, Hog, Hqx, Hts, Hvd, Ice, Imp, Ip, Iptheme, Ipz, Jar, Lha, Logonxp, Lzh, Lzs, Mar, Mbf, Mls, Mmz, Mn3, Ntx, Obpack, Pak, Pk3, Plq, Ppz, Qsf, Qsf, Qsk, Rar, Rjs, Rls, Rpk, Rpm, S, S4u, Sgf, Skin, Skn, Slp, Sqx, Ssz, Suite, Tar, Taz, Tbz., Tbz2, Tgz, Tpz, Tsk, Tz, Tzb, Tzb, Uib, Usk, Uue, Vl2, Vsk, Wad, Wal, War, Wba, Wbc, Wcs, Wmz, Wsk, Wsn, Wst, Wsw, Wsz, Xpi, Xptheme, Xxe, Yenc, Yfs, Yz1, Z, Zba, Zba and more. ZipZag versus WinRar, WinAce and WinZip Total Files Size: 16,971,005 bytes
  • ZipZag/sqx 8,299,688
  • ZipZag/7z 8,343,010
  • WinAce2/ace 8,399,295
  • WinRar3/rar 8,460,085
  • WinZip9/zip 9,176,179
Choose ZipZag over WinZip, WinRar, WinAce and PowerArchiver This is why you must choose ZipZag over our competitors:
  • Because ZipZag offers best compression ratio (7-Zip and Sqx archive formats).
  • Because ZipZag supports over 120 archive extensions you will never have to buy another archiver. You will never get an archive unknown to ZipZag.
  • Because is able to detect and handle several self extracting archives: Zip Sfx, 7-Zip Sfx, Ace Sfx, Arj Sfx, Rar Sfx, Lha/Lzh Sfx and Sqx Sfx.
  • Because is the only Windows program that can handle all Unix formats: BZip1/2 Archives (*.bz; *.bz2), Debian Packages (*.deb), GNU Zip Archives (*.gz; *.gzip), Red Hat Packages (*.rpm), Stampede Packages (*.slp), Tape Archives (*.tar), Taz Archives (*.tar.z; *.taz; *.tpz; *.tz), Tbz Archives (*.tar.bz2; *.tbz; *.tb2; *.tbz2) and Tgz Archives (*.tar.gz; *.tgz), Z Archives (*.z) and all Archives (zipped and gzipped).
  • Because ZipZag detects archives by signature, regardless of extension.
  • Because it supports advanced archive features such as extract, add, delete, sfx, unsfx, convert, batch add, batch extract, merge, run, install, checkout, view, test, virus scan, repair, remove known password, truncate, span, unspan, mail, print file list, file list export to txt, csv and htm files and much more.
  • Because you can compress many files at once, each in his own archive using the Batch Add feature.
  • Because you can extract many files at once using the Batch Extract feature.
  • Because you can create a single archive from a couple of smaller archives of different types using the Merge Archives feature.
  • Because you can convert an archive into another format. Folder structure is preserved.
  • Because you can repair Zip files.
  • Because you can remove known passwords from archives.
  • Because you can view files inside archives using a build-in viewer that works with most of popular formats, like Html, Xml, Doc, Xls, Bmp, Ico, Jpg, Tiff, Tga, Png, Pcd, Psd, Psp, Pcx and more. C++, Delphi, CSS, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script, Perl and PHP source code is viewed using highlighted syntax.
  • Because you can create self-extracting Zip, 7-Zip and Sqx archives for free. Therefore you save 49$ you had to pay for WinZip Self-Extractor.
  • Because you can try it for 30 days for free. Should you find it useless, you can just uninstall it and save your money.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Trial 30 giorni $19.95

Dimensioni: Mb 2.41

OS: Win All

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