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News del 17 Ottobre 02 Autore: Alberto
Novità della versione:Improved Connectivity• Connectivity algorithm changed in the following: • 1. Initially we have X cache servers hardcoded (those turned out to be invalid are eliminated) • 2. When we need hosts to connect to we query them from randomly choosen cache server. • 3. If successful we try to connect to obtained hosts as well as query cache server for the list of alternative cache servers (if cached internal list is smaller than X items). - If connection to cache server failed we eliminate it from our internal list and proceed to step #2. • 4. Connected - If hosts obtained from cache server are insufficient then proceed to step #2.Bug fixes:• Fixed connectivity bug if one of WebCaches is failing. • Bug with multiple update prompts showing over time if you don't update. • Default banners replaced with empty space for 95/98/ME when banner cannot be loaded (to avoid HMODULE: Unhandled exception errors ). The source of many start up errorsVersione: XoloX 1.32 Data: 16/10/2002 Dimensione: 858 KB Licenza: freeware, assolutamente privo di ad/spyware,ma presenti banner pubblicitari Compatibilità: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000tx to AngeloNero
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