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News del 05 Settembre 03 Autore: Canaro
Simpatico player per visualizzare i filmati creati nel formato open source Xvid.XVid;-) is a video player. It is designed for watching movies on PC computer, saved in diffrent formats of Windows system, e.g. avi, mpeg, asf, etc..., and especially for playing movies, compressed with DivX codecs (MPEG-4 compression). Basic program features: legible and simple user interface displaying movie in window and fullscreen, zooming video window recently opened movies list with possibility of adding and deleting items. Adding movie files by specified directory auto-playing movies by playlist auto-collecting information about video files to playlist auto-loading subtitle text files in TMP and MicroDVD formats, included in video file, or additional directory replaceable skins showing transparent and framed subtitles auto-breaking long lines of subtitles text, centering text lines, time shifting for subtitles controlling program through command line controlling through keyboard controlling through external controller (joystick, gamepad, etc...) controlling through external program and so others XVid;-) is equipped with installer. After downloading program file, execute it, and proceed by hints. Additional skins are installed in the same way. Skin installer detects path of installed program by himself. If you want to watch movies in DivX format, make sure you have right video codecs installed in your system. Most popular of them, are DivX and XviD (converegence with player name is accidental - XviD codec was released year later). Sound in multichannel AC-3 movies, can be reproduced by suitable sound card and set of speakers. If you want to reproduce AC-3 sound on stereo set of two speakers or headphones, you must install suitable sound codecs.
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 880 Kb

OS: Tutti i Windows

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