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News del 28 Agosto 02 Autore: Canaro
Caratteristiche XPTuneup:1.Process/Thread Monitor, an integrated taskbar 2. Registry analyzer and cleaner 3. Admin options that include controlling auto logon feature as well as time synchronization feature with atomic clocks. Also included is new feature that would allow you to add/remove entries in control panel as well as for Microsoft Windows XP Professional users, an option to run various Microsoft Console Applications.What's available in XPTuneup release 3.0 ? Everything that is available in release 2.0 which mean following feaures :- 1. UNDO option is now available. You can selectively undo each of the four categories. 2. Welcome screen provides realtime display of available physical and virtual memory 3. A log is now maintained of the activities carried out on your system. Tips that have alread been applied are grayed out (disabled) so that you know what has been applied and what has been left out. 4. Also, if it is the first time you have installed the software, it will scan your system and registry settings and would automatically enable/disable tips that have been applied on your computer. 5. Interactive notification of actions taken. Now when you click on any of the buttons. you would be notified via a message balloon. You also hear a sound notification as well. 6. Bringing mouse next to ? icon would change the mouse shape and clicking on it would take you to the portion of the site where corresponding tip has been decribed in detail. a lot of extras which include following additional feaures :- 7.Process/Thread Monitor, an integrated taskbar 8. Registry analyzer and cleaner 9. Admin options that include following : 9.1 controlling auto logon feature 9.2 Time synchronization feature with national atomic clocks. 9.3 Option to add/remove entries in control panel 9.4 For Windows XP Professional users, an option to run various Microsoft Console Applications.
  • Versione: 3.0
  • Dimensione: 735Kb
  • Data: 27/08/2002
  • Licenza: Shareware $28.95 (5-Day Trial or 10 uses)
  • Compatibilità: Windows XP
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