XP Antispy 3.31

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News del 28 Dicembre 01 Autore: Cānaro
Nuova release di questa utility che disabilita numerose funzioni che girano un background sul sistema.

Changelog of Version 3.3:

+Added functionality to disable the start of MS Messenger every time Outlook Express starts.
+Added functionality to disable the showup of the BalloonTips.
+Added functionality to clear out the pagefile every time windows is shutdown
+The MS Messenger autostart setting now can be reset to it's initial setting, if the MS Messenger is still installed.
+The MS Supportuser now is deleted automatically.
+The Services are now stopped automatically, though a restart of the system isn't neccessary anymore.
+To each entry, there is now a little help text displayed in the below window, if the mouse is moved onto the setting.


XP Antispy 3.3
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