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News del 05 Giugno 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
XChat 2.0.9
Nuova versione per il celebre client IRC basato sulle librerie GTK+ Cambi dalla versione precedente: - Updated translations (bg, cs, de, en_GB, eu, fi, lt, nl, ru, sk, uk, wa). - Fixed the Socks5 overflow security bug. - DCC IP address setting can now be a hostname too (Flavio Chierichetti) [773229]. - Don't try random DCC ports when a range is set (mib) [889987]. - Fix: Spurious nick completion (mib) [916944]. - Serverlist passwd box is now masked (Cristian Peraferrer) [920113]. - Fix: Sometimes messes up the tab order on reconnect (Gabor Szeder) [941773]. - Fix: Crashes when setting $CHARSET to nonexistant charset [945855]. - Plugin API: Added some fields to the "channels" list. - Plugin API: Added "win_status" and "xchatdirfs" fields to xchat_get_info. - Plugin API: Added xchat_send_modes() function. - Fix: Unload, then reload a plugin on FreeBSD fails (Kevin Leung). - Plugins should now work on HPUX too. - Perl-plugin: Fixes for 3 arg version of emit_print, unhooking the same hook multiple times and get_list returning correct values for address32 field and some memory leaks (Lian Situ). - Made menu keybindings work when the menubar is hidden on GTK 2.4. - Added support for the new GTK 2.4 file chooser dialog. - Fix for BiDi in xtext (Ilya Konstantinov). - Smaller bug fixes [962211] [958599] [950353] and [945617] (Frederic Krueger).
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: Opensource / GPL

OS: Linux, Windows, MacOs X

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