XChat 2.0.8

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News del 21 Marzo 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
XChat 2.0.8
Nuova versione per il celebre client IRC basato sulle librerie GTK+ Cambi dalla versione precedente: c- Updated translations (az, es, fi, lt, mk, nl, ru, sk, sl, sr, sv, zh_CN). - Added color, flash and iconify args to /GUI command (this is for use in scripts and plugins only). - Plugin API: Added "notify" list. - Plugin API: Added id, users, flags fields for "channels" list. - Win32: Better error messages for file i/o and winsock errors. - New Perl interface (with backward compatibility)! (Lian Situ). - Fixed command-character buglet [873541]. - Win32: Improved incorrect CPS display for file transfers. - Added "Copy Selected URL" option to URL popupmenu (Mike Battersby). - Added work-around for "Get my IP from server" not working on PTNet (Mario Freitas). - Fixed: Alt+numbers do not work with X Input Method [896968] (Marius Gedminas). - Added support for "+port" to indicate SSL connections. - Fixed non-ASCII chars in time-stamp bug [918445]. - Smaller bug fixes: [870073] [890891].
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: Opensource / GPL

OS: Linux, Windows, MacOs X

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