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News del 25 Settembre 03 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Nuova versione (e nuovo sito ) per il celebre client IRC basato sulle librerie GTK+ Cambi dalla versione precedente: - Updated translations (ca, fi, lt, nl, sk, sv, zh_CN). - Fixed detection of Python 2.3 in configure script (anonymous). - DCC Send file-selection dialog now supports multi-select. - Reset away status after auto-reconnect from a ping timeout. - Perl: Fixed IRC::user_info always matching the first entry. - More C89 fixes for non-gcc compilers (Albert Chin). [781809]. - xtext: now double buffered and flicker free. Also some efficiency tweaks for exposure events and multi-wrapped lines. - Removed buggy numeric 338 support [783945]. - Nick completion in dialogs and channel completion (Jay Cornwall). - Print informative error messages when dcc resume isn't possible. - Fixed performance of dcc recv, send and chat windows. - Fixed tab-arrow buttons show/hide (Lloyd Williams) [783681]. - Fixed lastlog bugs [791220]. - win32: Faster tinting, and uses MMX when in 16 or 32bit color. - Execute /sigusr2 on receiving SIGUSR2 signal (Michael Guidero). - /IGNORE command and window now have an extra "DCC" category. - Alert user when logfiles fail to open (Jay Cornwall). - Fixed missing underlining of IP numbers (2.0.4 only). - Allow accepting DCC sends from ports below 1024. - Connect to URL given on commandline even if 'No Serverlist on Startup' is off [804648]. - Fixed problem in allocating colors while in 8bit PseudoColor. - xtext: tinting now shades towards your background color, making it usable with white backgrounds. Tints can also use XShm for extra speed with --enable-shm at ./configure time (experimental). - Perl: IRC::add_print_handler callbacks now get parameters in $_[1...x], with $_[0] left for compatibility (Lian wan Situ). - Perl: added command_with_channel command (Alexander Werth) [801711]. - Smaller bug fixes: [798655].
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: Opensource / GPL

OS: Linux, Windows, MacOs X

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