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News del 03 Agosto 03 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Rilasciata la nuova versione di questo client IRC basato sulle librerie GTK (le stesse di Gnome e The Gimp) Cambi dalla 2.0.3: - Updated translations (lt, sv, zh_CN). - Fixed crash on tinted transparency (xc203-fixtint.diff). - Fixed incorrect dcc cps calculation (xc203-fix-cps.diff). - Allow fullpath and relative filenames for Text Events sound files (Anthony Dragunov). - Added /GUI command (mainly for use by scripts). - Solaris build fixes for ipv6. - Added -n, --no-plugins command-line arg. - Added a feature to change the color of away users. - Moved default dcc and sound dirs inside ~/.xchat2/ (SilvereX). - Fixed bug [753742] When server tab and query had the same name, private messages could go to the wrong tab. - Support others users too, when expanding ~ in filenames (Neox). [767514]. - Underline "ipnumber:port" style urls too (Alex & dobler). - Added support for ircu numerics 330 and 338 (phaseburn). - C89 fixes, should now compile with HP UX and Sun C Compilers (Albert Chin). [777106]. - Smaller bug fixes: [773245] [779166]. - Close tabs on shift-leftclick (Jay Cornwall).
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