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News del 02 Luglio 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
XChat 2.0.10
Nuova versione per il celebre client IRC basato sulle librerie GTK+ Cambi dalla versione precedente: - Updated translations (ru, sr). - Fixed compiling on systems other than linux/freebsd [969643]. (Samuel Mimram). - Fixed compiling with an old version of GTK (2.0.x). - Further BiDi fixes in xtext (Ilya Konstantinov). - Brand-new tab completion code (Ian Kumlien). This also fixes: Tab expansion not working behind umlauts [956127]. Plugin commands can now be tab-completed too (Frank Thieme). - Fixed parsing URIs on userlist drag-n-drop (Jonas Heylen). - Added Sort button to the server list window (David Oftedal and Tim-Philipp Mueller). - Tab button selection fix (Guillaume Knispel). - Added marker-line feature. Shows a red-line to indicate the place where you last read up to (Thomas Kockerbauer). - The "Get my IP from Server" feature now works on networks that hide your hostname too (by using the USERHOST command). - Win32: Fixed CPS calculation for file transfers [824934]. - Fixed: Ping timeout when the system clock changes [789140]. - Fixed: Private messages delivered to status window when nickname is the same as the network [977550]. - Maximised window-state is now saved. - Double middle-clicking a nickname in the text area will now select it in the userlist. - Included a work-around to stop X-Sys plugin crashing with GTK 2.4. - Fixed: /list output going to the current tab [970746]. - Fixed: Serverlist crash while editing a port-number, and switching to another network before pressing enter [968652]. - Made it possible to execute multiple "Connect Command:"s in the ServerList window, when they're separated by ctrl-alt-a.
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Categoria: Linux

Licenza: Opensource / GPL

OS: Linux, Windows, MacOs X

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