Wuala (Reims)

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News del 26 Giugno 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Wuala (Reims)
Wuala è un servizio di storage online sviluppato da LaCie che offre oltre allo spazio web, condivisione criptata, sincronizzazione e backup dei dati on the cloud. 

Per il suo funzionamento è richiesto il download di un client desktop oppure di un app mobile (per iOS e Android), ma è anche utilizzabile via web da qualsiasi navigatore compatibile con java.

Note di rilascio:

Wuala has arrived in Reims, just in time for summer! We have added some great new features, not just for Wuala but for Wuala Business as well, let´s check them out:

Backup for groups

You want to backup your files but at the same time are looking for a easy way to share them without giving writing access? That is now possible, just perform a backup in a group, share the group and give your members access to view the files.

Multi admin support for companies

You have securely stored all your company´s files in a Wuala business group, but you would like to have multiple admins because you´re leaving for vacation soon and need a deputy. The Wuala business groups now offer the ability to have more then just one admin for a company.

Sync for LaCie NAS devices

You have connected your LaCie NAS directly to your TV and like to watch your series you have stored on your NAS. To always have the latest episode, you can set up Wuala to sync the videos from your computer to your NAS, so you won´t run out of new episodes to watch. Please note that the update for your 2big NAS and 5big NAS PRO will be out in two weeks.


Synchronization for LaCie NAS devices
Support for LaCie Multivolume NAS devices
Backup creation for groups
Multi administrator support for companies
Better the file versioning
New Sharing Page
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Free

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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