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News del 23 Giugno 03 Autore: Canaro
Interessante utility che permette di trasforame e personalizzare la tastiera per eseguire numerose operazioni; oltre a questo è un text utils, screen shot, layout converter, task killer, tray minimizer. <font size=1>System utility which helps to work in Windows. Hot key oriented. Features (every action can be connected to the hot key): - Full "Win" key support for your hot keys - Additional text clipboards (unlimited clips+history of use) - Screen shot making (with parametrical auto save to folder and automatical image editing) - Ability to kill non-replying tasks (even system processes, if you have admin rights) - Ability to minimize any application to tray (with ability to browse application main menu from tray-icon menu) - Ability to quickly run any application (definable hot key for every application entry) + ability to hide it in tray after start - Ability to quickly move off-screen windows back into view, change it`s "OnTop" state and so on - Ability to quickly shutdown / restart your computer (+ability to kill some applications before shutdown), run and enable/disable screen saver - Ability to convert selected text from wrong keyboard layout - Inline calculator with full function`s support (based on JScript) - Ability to run selected text as from command string - Ability to control sound volume - Ability to hide/terminate all applications in one key-press - Ability to quickly start default browser or email client - Ability to Eject/Load CD Drive WireKeys can be integrated with our other product - WireNote Some functions may not work properly under Wind98/WinME </font> <img src=https://www.swzone.it/img/link.gif align=absmiddle><a href=https://www.swzone.it/traduzioni target=_blank>Localizzato in italiano</a>
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 456 Kb

OS: Windows NT/2K/XP

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