Wine 1.4 RC5

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News del 28 Febbraio 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Wine 1.4 RC5

The Wine development release 1.4-rc5 is now available.

What´s new in this release (see below for details):

- Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.

Bugs fixed in 1.4-rc5:

- Command and Conquer Generals (and Zero Hour) hang on splash screen

- No text displayed in Bloodrayne2

- Shade: Wrath of Angels Demo - no graphics drawn in game

- ETO_OPAQUE and clear style are not transparent on a bitmap

- Beyond Divinity: screen corruption

- gdi32: path.c fails to build with gcc 4.2, -Werror -O3

- print preview broken

- No add-ins loadable in Office 2003 PowerPoint

- RealMYST crashes on launch

- Earthworm Jim: sound crackles, stutters and repeats.

- Everquest 1 (eqgame.exe) crashes right before character enters world

- Azteca and Diamond Drop 2 crash

- TradeTiger does not show the login window correctly

- Comanche 3 freezes after a mission

- MYOB: Cannot add custom logo to template

- Alice 2.2 fails with "can´t create Java VM"

- Cry of the Infected demo fails with "runtime error 7018"

- Corel Draw 11 not loading

- Windows Live Essentials beta (webc variant) doesn´t detect .NET Framework 3.0 installation (Mono/Registry)

- MS Office PowerPoint 2007 freezes when right-click on top bar

- No sound in Sim City 3000 Unlimited

- Atlantis II crashes when changing screen resolution

- Astro Avenger crashes on launch (with built-in d3dxof.dll)

- Installation of FooBar.msi using msiexec fails with /qb switch (unattended with basic UI)

- Sound stops after some time (restarting sound in game usually possible)

- Incoming Forces: visual glitches

- Comanche 3 menu is unusable because of graphic issues

- BC Kings refuses to start without DirectSound hardware acceleration

- Assassin´s Creed: eagle´s eye graphic glitch with postprocessing enabled

- SDP Downloader: access violations when deleting url

- Spotify crashes when searching song or artist with the search box

- ellipse_first_quadrant() runs into dead loop for large width and height because of negative overflow

- Perfect World: Latest Descent patch crashes Launcher window

- Microsoft Visual Studio 2008: attaching to process fails with "unknown error: 0x80070003" (support of "Session" namespace for named objects needed)

- PanzerKiller hangs with a black screen on start

- MS Paint´s bucket fill tool doesn´t work

- Cyberboard Player hangs when opening a game

- Wordpad crashes on opening the printer setup dialog

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