Wine 1.0, la prima versione a numero tondo dopo 15 anni

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News del 17 Giugno 08 Autore: Gianplugged
Wine 1.0, la prima versione a numero tondo dopo 15 anni
Dopo 15 anni, il team di sviluppo di Wine ha deciso di autocelebrarsi rilasciano la primissima versione a numero tondo e cioè Wine 1.0

La versione  corregge i seguenti fix delle precedenti release:

• a Counter-Strike 1.6 performance issue;
• an X11 error: BadDrawable (X_PolyFillRectangle) when you had to switch to the virtual desktop;
• the two Punisher demo bugs, where a crash occurred after the introduction movies and when it failed to start after the installation;
Starlancer draws ships as white when direct3d is enabled
• the Warcraft 3x regression when someone wanted to leave the fullscreen mode;
• the Oni issue, when it failed to start after the installation;
• the Skype 3.1 login problem on Kubuntu 7.10
• the Stata 10 bug, which caused Wine to crash when help was clicked;
• the Call of Duty scratchy/static sound problem with OSS
• the black icons showing in WinRAR with NXServer;
• the QIP issue, where the window z-order was wrong;
• the Robot Wars: Arena of Destruction bug, where it crashed when quitting the game, which caused the resolution to stay at 640 x 480 pixels;
• an Eve-online bug;
• the Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 issue;
• the Call of Duty 1.0 problem, which made the game not to start after the installation;
• the Dance Praise 2 issue, which failed to respond to input;
• the Moto Racer 2 issue with Wine 0.9.61;
• the winebrowser unicode problem (gets wrong URL).

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