Windows 98 Revolutions Pack 3.6 build 2590

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News del 04 Luglio 05 Autore: RostoR
Windows 98 Revolutions Pack 3.6 build 2590
Queste sono le 8 caratteristiche di questo Windows 98 Revolution Pack 3.3 build 2590, andate a vedere gli screen alla pagina relativa e vedrete come ne modofica l'aspetto.Windows 98 Revolutions Pack top features - why you need it... 1)It REALLY FIXES KB891711 vulnerability (this link leads to separate fix; it isn't required for RP2.2 and higher) 2)It ENABLES 32-bit icons. Can't you feel difference between 2000 and XP? This update isn't for you. 3)It ENABLES 32-bit icons. Isn't that enough?! No?! Just look in screenshot section. 4)It REPLACES idiotic 9x Ctrl-Alt-Del dialog with powerful Resource management utility which really helps to save system stability 5)For those of you who can't live witout 4)... It still here! It can sit there by default... Just press "Other tasks" - and you're king! 6)It makes Windows look&feel more modern. You don't believe? Ah, you're boring. 7)It's absolutely freeware!!! Don't give your money to Bill because of XP looking cool. 8)O... I've forget about Fade Effect, Align to Grid, Lock Taskbar, Transparent Labels features? Ah, well... Goto "Display" - "Effects"What's New: (excluding post 3.5 compatibility patches) Scandisk 32-bit wrapper added. It can be skinned! 32-bit icons in "Fonts" folder patch added A bit new Advapi32 API stubs wrappered A bit installer changes Now new Shutdown dialog is optinal! What's Fixed: Several possible leaks Button drawing bugs Several slowdowns solved Minor compiler version change. Now works faster24 Giugno 2005
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: Mb 3.53

OS: Windows 98

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