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News del 18 Aprile 03 Autore: Alberto
Winamp 2.91
Rilasciata un'altra versione per questo popolare ed amato lettore multimediale, ricchissimo di plugins e skins.Queste le novità della versione:
  • Fixed an incorrect vis color
  • Fixed shuffle - now when you start Winamp w/shuffle on, it returns you to the song you were at when you exited last time
  • Made Winamp not crash if you close it while a file info dialog is open
  • Fixed jump dialogs when using language packs
  • Fixed tooltip in lightning bolt
  • Made video window on autoclose not stop if configured to do so
  • Made in_mp3 have options for adding tags from ml
  • Fixed a bug in in_wm
  • Library: Made library refresh properly on add/compact/etc
  • Library: Fixed a library Win9x view issue
  • Library: Fixed shift+enter in media library tree
  • Library: Added "Explore item folder" in library's media view
  • Library: Made internet radio/tv display msg when reload is blocked
  • Library: Added "Physically delete file" in library's media view
  • dshow: Added config dialog (filetypes)
  • dshow: Added option to vertically flip WMV videos (for machines with old WMV codec installed)
  • dshow: Added file info box
  • dshow: Fixed issues with widechars
  • dshow: Fixed bitrates displayed
  • dshow: Added 32 & 64-bit audio support
  • nsv: Fixed title updating (playlist flicker) bug
  • nsv: Made nsv info box show filename and basic info
  • nsv: Made nsv use less cpu on [p]rebuffering
  • nsv: Fixed MP3 decoder's eating of the end of nsv file
  • nsv: Added AAC decoding support
  • nsv: Fixed vis on audioless nsvs
  • Put AOD in all installers (opt-out always)
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Freeware

OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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