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News del 17 Aprile 06 Autore: RostoR
WinVi 2.97
Nuovo, per noi, editor di testo abbastanza completo non si installa ed è sufficiente scompattare il minuscolo file *.zip di 189 Kb in una cartella e lanciare WinVi32.exe. Può utilizzare qualsiasi carattere ed ha l'autocompletamento.9 Aprile 2006 Version 2.97 (32-bit version only), four bugfixes In rare cases, a memory allocation error occured. A potential reason – a faulty calculation of the display lines in the main window – ist solved. The message for memory allocation errors (“Not enough local memory”) is displayed with a hint number to allow determining the reason. Due to an error in resource numbering it was not possible to select the paper orientation for printing. Fixed. Pasting binary data containing null bytes at the end of file jumbled the byte order. Also fixed. Determining the number of lines to scroll with a wheel mouse is now adjusted to the current Win32 API. At least in Windows XP the mouse wheel always scrolled by 3 lines. The caret shape (the blinking cursor) is customizable now. There is no user interface yet, any changes can only be done by directly modifying the registry. A new binary value can to be added at the path HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareRamoWinVi. The value has the name CaretProperties. If this value is missing, the following default value is assumed: 99 00 00 00 00 97 00 00 ff 02 59 ff 02 00 00 96 00 00 fd 03 The meaning: Each five bytes describe the shape of the caret in command mode with non-empty lines, with empty lines, in insert mode, and in replace mode. If there is anybody interested in a precise description, I will explain it in more detail. However, I would like to give a simple example: If the caret should always appear as the caret in insert mode (i.e. as a vertical bar), the following value should be entered: 59 ff 02 00 00 59 ff 02 00 00 59 ff 02 00 00 59 ff 02 00 00
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 189 Kb

OS: Win All

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