WinSCP 5.5.2

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News del 22 Marzo 14 Autore: Gianplugged
WinSCP 5.5.2
WinSCP è un client SFTP grafico open source per Windows che usa SSH. Supporta inoltre il protocollo legacy SCP. La sua funzione principale è quella di copiare in modo sicuro file tra un computer locale e uno remoto.


Cloning site without hostname when Enter key is pressed. 1115
Preventing “Message too long to send to external console” error. 1121
When listing local files during operation fails, including path into error message. 1131
NuGet package for .NET assembly. 1145
Bug fix: Prompt to import sites was not skipped during silent install. 1112
Bug fix: Transfer settings speed limit does not apply. 1114
Bug fix: Edited file is reloaded from active session, not from original session. 603
Bug fix: Caption of New Site node on Login dialog is not translated when language is changed.
Bug fix: Error on every even opening/editing of remote file while having New and updated files only option set as default. 1118
Bug fix: Incorrect Login dialog placement when application was closed on non-primary monitor above or to the left of primary monitor. 1119
Bug fix: In countries that changed timezone, file times before the change were set wrong for downloaded files. 1122
Bug fix: Incorrect handling of remote files ending with dot with FTP protocol. 1128
Bug fix: Speed limit of waiting background transfer shows incorrect value and cannot be changed. 1129
Bug fix: Selecting private key file with space in path yields error message when submitting Advanced Site Settings dialog. 1130
Bug fix: .NET assembly Session.FileTransferProgress is not included in COM event sink. 1134
Bug fix: When main window was restored from notification area while message box was displayed, main window could receive focus.
Bug fix: Notification balloons showing transfer configuration/error were showing ** markup.
Bug fix: When minimized, message boxes were popping up on foreground.
Bug fix: Main menu accelerators are not working. 1143
Bug fix: Scaled-down version of 32×32 icon was used in task bar notification area instead of 16×16 icon. 1144
Bug fix: Failure when ending Windows session when main window is minimized.
Bug fix: Occasional failure when run from Session 0. 1146
Bug fix: Timeout while trying to resume upload with FTP protocol. Thanks to Michael Lukashov.
Bug fix: With FTP protocol Set permissions transfer setting was incorrectly enabled for synchronization in Both mode.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

Dimensioni: 5.1 MB

OS: Windows

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