WinSCP 5.2.7 RC

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News del 08 Dicembre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
WinSCP 5.2.7 RC
WinSCP è un client SFTP grafico open source per Windows che usa SSH. Supporta inoltre il protocollo legacy SCP. La sua funzione principale è quella di copiare in modo sicuro file tra un computer locale e uno remoto.


Support for proprietary SFTP extension to check disk space usage.
Not requiring Windows nor Windows Explorer restart when new version uses the same or older version of Drag&Drop shell extension than existing one.
It’s possible to Login/Open a site in PuTTY in a new window without closing Login dialog. 1086
Using theme instruction font for message texts.
Listing new/empty site folders on Save session as site dialog. 1089
Increasing number of items shown in drop down lists of some combo boxes.
Consistently logging modification time and size of every transferred file.
System error message is shown when changing local working directory fails in scripting. 1087
Added host name to some connection related error messages.
Canceling site editing when the site is dragged.
Allowing Enter and Esc keys on site list of folder/workspace view on Login dialog.
Improved error messages related to drag&drop shell extension.
Bug fix: Failure when closing Windows session.
Bug fix: Environment variables were not expanded in site hostname and username in rare cases.
Bug fix: It was not possible to skip error listing local directory during operation. 1090
Bug fix: Some messages containing & were shown incomplete.
Bug fix: FTPS upload over proxy truncates files. 1092
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

Dimensioni: 4.8 MB

OS: Windows

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