WinSCP 5.2.3 Beta

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News del 13 Agosto 13 Autore: Gianplugged
WinSCP 5.2.3 Beta
WinSCP è un client SFTP grafico open source per Windows che usa SSH. Supporta inoltre il protocollo legacy SCP. La sua funzione principale è quella di copiare in modo sicuro file tra un computer locale e uno remoto.


Convenience and robustness improvements for working with master password: 1023
Avoiding repetitive master password prompts, when editing site.
Detect and warn when trying to set/clear master password while another instance of WinSCP is running.
Saving configuration, including master password, immediately after setting/clearing one.
Not prompting for master password for read-only site view.
Hiding an actual password length from read-only site view.
When setting/changing/clearing master password, collecting errors while recrypting passwords individually, not to abort whole process on a single error.
Gracefully handling stray encrypted passwords, when master password is actually not enabled or different.F
Feedback and repeated prompt on incorrectly entered master password in scripting mode.
Synchronization preview in scripting. 885
Showing number of active and pending transfers on queue label. 1031
Configurable minimal and maximal supported TLS/SSL version.
Information about TLS/SSL version and cipher used in available on Server and protocol information dialog and main window status bar.
Ctrl+W shortcut for closing tab (session). 1035
Bug fix: Local directory box was missing on Advanced Site Settings dialog.
Bug fix: Redundant reading of directory contents before file download when MLSD is in use. 1021
Bug fix: Incorrect encryption of passwords protected with master password, potentially leading to loss of stored passwords. 1022
Bug fix: When adding password to existing site, new password can possibly be unprotected with master password.
Bug fix: Failure when starting with default session settings having a password set protected with master password.
Bug fix: Not allowing search path to exceed system limit of 2048 characters. 1025
Bug fix: Pending queued transfers were omitted from queue status display on taskbar button. 1030
Bug fix: No error is displayed and session is not immediately closed when detecting variable containing command return code fails with SCP protocol. 1032
Bug fix: Failure when using context menu of disconnected session tab. 1033
Bug fix: Failure when right-clicking empty area on site tree. 1036
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

Dimensioni: 4.8 MB

OS: Windows

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