WinSCP 4.2.3 Beta

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News del 20 Agosto 09 Autore: Gianplugged
WinSCP 4.2.3 Beta

* Configurable keyboard shortcuts for custom commands and shared bookmarks. 103
* FTP proxy support. 27
* FTPS server certificate is shown on Server and protocol information dialog. 438
* Existing remote file can be opened in editor by typing its name. 366
* Workaround for Momentum server limit of 32 KiB for reading/writing. 440
* Added missing descriptions of certificate, implicit, explicitssl and explicittls switches for command-line and scripting.
* Empty SSH keyboard interactive prompts are ignored. 388
* 256x256 icon is deployed with WinSCP. 445
* WinSCP prevents computer from being suspended during operation. 265
* It can be configured how long WinSCP should keep trying reconnect broken sessions. 460
* Change: Double double-quote is treated as a single double-quote within value of command-line parameter. 454
* For FTP servers know not to support LIST -a command (Personal FTP server), LIST only is used by default. 458
* While downloading trailing dot in filenames is replaced with %2E, as Windows trim them. 452
* Errors when deleting local files after upload finishes are reported. 462
* Pressing Enter, while having selected an open session without hostname, loads the session. 463
* Session name can be optionally used as part of the path to temporary copies of remote files. 385
* Remote path may optionally not be as part of the path to temporary copies of remote files. 229
* Option for substituting FTP passive mode IP address with connection address. 376
* Change: Once dot-only filenames are obscured from Windows, all security checks which hide dot-only filenames from user are removed. 452
* Bug fix: Overwrite confirmations were shown even when target file did not exist when uploading with SFTP protocol. 442
* Bug fix: Mask hints label on transfer settings dialogs was improperly placed when localized.
* Bug fix: Failure when closing session while having log window opened and custom commands toolbar displayed. 441
* Bug fix: Passive FTP transfers with IPv6 did not work. 446
* Bug fix: Ctrl+R in the internal editor opened Replace dialog instead of reloading current document. 444
* Bug fix: Meaning of UTF-8 encoding for filenames option was reversed for FTP. 450
* Bug fix: Skipped files are shown in progress list on console. 451
* Bug fix: Values were overlapped on progress window when Calculate total size transfer settings was disabled. 456
* Bug fix: "There is no disk in drive" message was sometimes shown on startup. 19
* Bug fix: Failure when configuration was changed, while file from closed internal editor was still being uploaded. 461
* Bug fix: Failure when file was opened in editor while still being uploaded after closing editor. 465
* Bug fix: Transfer progress was not shown on console when moving files to local directory. 443
* Bug fix: Error when uploading empty folder that already existed on the server with FTP. 466
* Bug fix: Failure when FTP data connection was lost. 467
* Bug fix: Memory leak in drag&drop shell extension. 471
* Bug fix: Failure when installing on Windows 2000. 447
* Bug fix: OpenCandy DLL was installed even if user chose not to use it. 455
* Bug fix: Icon was not displayed properly on Windows 2000. 473
* Bug fix: Timeout may occurred earlier that configured with FTP. 472
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