WinPatrol 28.6.2013.0

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News del 13 Agosto 13 Autore: Gianplugged
WinPatrol 28.6.2013.0
Winpatrol è un programma che controlla le variazioni apportate al sistema dai programmi installati. 

Il proliferare di utility dannose e pericolose lo rende un programma di grande aiuto. Inoltre offre la possibilità di tracciare i programmi in avvio automatico, i cookies creati e i tasks attivi.

Le schede Advanced e Active Tasks consentono, invece, di visualizzare, rispettivamente, i server in esecuzione e i programmi residenti al momento in memoria.

Note di rilascio:

Thanks to your support,

Thanks to the patience and ideas of our WinPatrol fans this version includes a number of advances. Your feedback has made this the first in a more aggresive release schedule. We´ve imroved WinPatrol for everyone and discovered some minor problems that have been found and fixed. Other minor enhancements and reports are currently being adressed and expected to be release within the next month.

WinPatrol 28.6 Update

While malware infections range from ransomware to programs that control centrifuges, the biggest complaint lately has been software that installs toolbars and takes over home and search pages. A large number of companies are now including unwanted software with their regular updates. The payments received for tricking users into installing ad driven search pages provide huge incentives. If you find software that seems to require updates every week I would say 1) the company is counting on you not seeing a checkbox that give permission to download unwanted programs or 2) the programmers are so bad they can´t fix bugs or security vulnerabilities.

This update provides enhancements and fixes to version 28 especially related to changes made to a Start page, Search Page, Background screen commonly used by ransomware and other common attack vectors. Text is more more useful and there are more Help buttons so alert messages can be reduced..

Our timing and text describing page changes has improved and now a Help button.
Support for displaying a new Service type (Trigger Start) that is now supported by Windows 8.1.
Fix bug when Removing programs from registry when they are disabled.
Fixed error restoring Shortcut or .lnk files that were removed but available in history file
Options & Reports menu text fixed
Restart no lonnger required to enter Name and Code if they have been cleared by Reset and Repair screen
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OS: Windows

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